Man Trapped in Hydrogen Balloon Found Safe After Traveling Hundreds of Miles Over Two Days

by Sean Griffin

Chinese state media released news that a man was recently found alive after spending two days in a runaway hydrogen balloon. It traveled around 200 miles. The balloon became untethered and flew away while the man was using the balloon to harvest pine nuts from trees.

The man was identified only by his surname, Hu. Hu and a partner were collecting pine nuts in a forest park in the Heilongjiang province in northeastern China on Sunday. Then, they lost control and the balloon sailed off.

The other person leapt to the ground. Shortly after, rescue efforts were launched for Hu.

Chinese media said that the rescuers contacted the man by cell phone the following morning. They instructed him to slowly deflate the balloon and that would land it safely. Apparently, it took an entire day from that point before he reached the ground. He landed about 200 miles to the northeast in the Fangzheng region, near the Russian border.

Hu was in remarkably good health after the incident. He had a lot of pain in his lower back, however, because he had to stand the entire time in the air, CCTV reported.

Man Dies in Tragic Hot Air Balloon Accident in 2021: VIDEO

In this incredibly sad incident from October 2021, a man died after falling from a hot air balloon after dangling 300 feet above the air. The incident occurred in Israel.

The harrowing event was captured on video. Victim Yogev Cohen, 28, desperately clang to the side of the aircraft as it rises.

Apparently, the young man was a groundskeeper. He’d been working on the balloon shortly before the accident.

“Apparently he is a ground crew member who was supposed to be on the ground and not in the air,” police officer Slava Bonchuk told Ynet of the tragedy. Reportedly, the incident occurred near Afula, the Times of Israel reported via the New York Post.

Officials aren’t sure why the man continued to hang on to the side of the balloon as it continued rising. However, by the time the pilots noticed Cohen, officials said their altitude was too high to reverse course.

Cohen tried to hold on but couldn’t. He eventually fell to his death, which isn’t captured on video, thankfully.

Paramedics that arrived at the scene saw a Cohen severely injured and deceased. After his fall, he landed on a moving car. Luckily, no one inside the car was injured, thankfully.

“He was not breathing and without a pulse,” medics at the scene said. Such a tragic scene reminds us how deadly some activities like hot air and hydrogen balloons can be.