Man Uses Deer Skull as a Faucet, Video Goes Viral on Social Media

by Emily Morgan

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a deer hunter. Recently, a family had to get creative when decorating their bathroom, but they didn’t know what to do about one crucial element: the faucet. While some people look for something creative, others want something practical. However, for this family, they decided they wanted to incorporate something truly unique: a deer skull.

Recently, one TikTok creator decided she wanted to show off her new faucet. In the video, she reveals how her husband came up with the idea to hide the tap under a dead deer’s head. As a result, we have a strong hunch that guests will be deer in headlights when they use their bathroom. Check out the video below.

@amandamccurley3 Bathroom makeover! #besthusband #deercreation ♬ Different ‘Round Here – Riley Green

While some people might be turned off at the idea of washing your hands with a dead animal, the consensus in the comments was that the contraption was pretty neat.

“That has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen,” wrote one user. Someone also praised the husband’s skill, adding, “He’s a genius and a keeper.”

If you’ve ever traveled to the western part of the United States, you’ve probably seen various animal skulls hanging proudly in almost every dive bar. However, this isn’t just for show. While it looks cool, it also has symbolic meaning. The act of hanging up skulls dates back to the traditions of the Native American tribes and Indigenous Peoples. For instance, the Cherokee Tribes in the American south saw the skulls as symbols of luck and good fortune.

TikTok creator goes viral for deer skull transformation

In another viral TikTok post, a young woman is being lauded for her creative skill in crafting a DIY unicorn skull. Lauren Riley is the brains behind the TikTok account, The Dinosaur Circus. In her recent post, she showed off her wild creation that depicts an ethically-sourced deer skull. However, she put her unique twist on the head by adding a unicorn antler. According to Riley, she sources the skulls by visiting various antique shops in her area and scouring online sites such as eBay.

@laurenrileycartoons NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED FOR THIS PIECE! #unicorn #unicornskull #skull #fantasyart #claytok #sculpture #skullart #creaturemaker #propmaking #prop #filmprop #modelmaking #modelmakingprocess #dnd #dndtiktok ♬ Taurnado – Kimiko Glenn & Megan Nicole Dong & The Centaurworld Cast

One of the reasons hunters began to make trophies of their game kills was that it took so much effort to harvest the game successfully. As a result, many hunters typically pay tribute to their hunts and the animal by saving their antlers or skulls. However, before you throw up your kill on the wall, it’s essential to know the proper procedure for cleaning your tag.

As many seasoned hunters know, a skull is home to many bacteria that requires the skull to get sterilized with boiling water, bleach and appropriately cleaned with light brushes, rags, or pressure washers. Check out this website if you need help in knowing the proper steps in cleaning a skull.