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Massive Chunk of Ice Collapses Into Water, Completely Swamps Kayaker in Wild Video

by Amy Myers
Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A brave kayaker decided to get a close-up of a glacier just as it was calving, and not surprisingly, they ended up in the splash zone.

According to the account behind the video, WeatherSpyTV, the incident took place somewhere along Alaska’s frosty waters. Seated only a few yards away in their yellow, possibly inflatable kayak, the paddler held up their camera for a front-seat view of the show. First, the middle of the arch-like structure buckled and fell into the blue water below. Then, almost immediately after, the remaining, huge chunks of ice completely crumbled, sending a giant wave in the kayaker’s direction.

At that point, there wasn’t much the paddler could do besides simply brace for impact. In the last moments just before the clip ended, it appeared that the boat was at least still upright, albeit drenched.

Hopefully, the kayaker had on a dry suit to keep them somewhat warm for the brisk paddle back to shore.

Responses to Kayaker Vid Range From Comical to Concerned

The Instagram account, NatureIsMetal, which picked up the post, gave the video a cheeky caption: “How it feels to chew 5ive gum.”

Meanwhile, one viewer couldn’t help but reference a prehistoric-themed Pixar film.

“That damn squirrel from ice age is at it again,” they wrote.

Jokes aside, some viewers did express concern for the kayaker’s safety as the close-encounter-of-the-frozen-kind could have resulted in tragedy. Without the proper gear on hand, the paddler may very well experience hypothermia, depending on the air temperature, weather conditions and how much skin was exposed to the water. In addition, if the paddler had drifted too close to the glacial calving, they could have caught a chunk of ice on their inflatable kayak or head. Though, we hope that someone brave enough to go glacier kayaking wouldn’t take such a risk.

“That’s why it’s HIGHLY suggested to NOT kayak or boat near the faces of these glaciers,” a third watcher wrote. “Glad they’re good! I’m sure that was a helluva rush!”

Fellow Paddler Survives a Rocky Ride Through Rough Waves

The Alaskan kayaker wasn’t the only one to steal public attention lately. In a separate incident, a paddler in much warmer waters caught footage of their shaky dismount on a bed of jagged rocks.

The adventurer that posted the near-accident was Jamie O’Brien, a revered Hawaiian watersports expert who has gained more than 860,000 followers through his YouTube channel.

In this risky display, the man fought against a wave break just as it brought him face-to-face with an unforgiving barrier. Luckily, just as with the Alaskan kayaker, this adventurer came away in one piece. Somehow, through the foam, he angled the bow of his kayak and steered it straight onto the rocks without so much as a scratch on him. As for the bottom of his boat, well, he may need to do some repairs back on dry land.