Massive Lightning Bolt Appears to Strike One World Trade Center During Thunderstorm: PHOTO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Imsges)

Recently, a lightning storm hit New York City creating a striking image as a lightning bolt appears to hit the top of the One World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. A pic of the jaw-dropping moment depicting the lightning strike is shared on the Fox News Instagram page in a September 26 post.

“STUNNING SIGHT,” notes the Fox News Instagram page depicting the amazing photo as a bolt of lightning hits the top of the One World Trade Center which is also known as Freedom Tower.

The pic is certainly a stunning one as we look across the Hudson River, lights shining all over the New York skyline. It’s certainly nighttime as the sky, the water, and the city streets are all dark save for the illumination of the city’s lights. However, the night sky has a gorgeous light blue light to it. And the stark white of the lightning bolt is a striking contrast to the dark sky. Surrounding the white lightning bold are three other streaks. These are not quite as bright, though as they merge into one as they touch the top of the One World Trade Center.

“A lightning bolt appears to strike One World Trade Center during an evening thunderstorm,” the Fox News Insta page shares.

Mind-Blowing Video Shows The Moment Lightning Hits An Electric Fence

Lightning strikes can be quite stunning as the above picture proves. However, they are always dangerous. The danger behind phenomena such as these is abundantly clear in a recent video clip depicting a bolt of lightning hitting an electric fence.

The fence appears to blow up into a cloud of smoke as the bolt collides with it, the shocking clip shows. It’s a moment of electricity meeting electricity as the bolt hits the electric parts of the fence.

And, viewers of the clip had a lot to say about the jaw-dropping footage. One states the obvious noting “So much for the fence…”

Another commenter comments that this was “some piece of [lightning].” Still, another quips that a strike such as this one likely “blew the circuit breaker”!

According to the National Weather Service, lightning strikes are a major cause of storm-related deaths in the United States. Anyone struck by lightning can face a number of deadly issues such as cardiac arrest. Some people have even had cardiac arrest symptoms a few days after the strike.