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Massive Shark Gets Dangerously Close to Terrified Beachgoers in Wild Video

by Craig Garrett
Great White Shark - stock photo

Vacationers in Dubai were enjoying a refreshing swim when they spotted a prowling shark, and it was captured in a viral video. The predator was found near Kite Beach in the Persian Gulf, The Sun reports. This is not too far from Qatar where the World Cup is being held. The footage captures the shark swimming along the shoreline – which is popular with kite surfers.

The shark is headed straight for the woman swimming by herself. The lifeguard’s desperately trying to warn her before it gets any closer. The swimmer slowly backs away before quickly paddling off, all while keeping an eye on the threat. As the woman and another swimmer make their way to safety, the shark’s fin inches closer to the shore.

The video was posted to TikTok and gained over seven million views. “She did the perfect thing by not splashing around,” one user wrote. “She didn’t make the shark chase her.” Another person added: “The best thing you can do is not panic.” Meanwhile, another user couldn’t help but question the swimmers. “I never get why people like to swim out so far off beach,” the pointed out. Finally, one user had no idea how everyone in the video was so calm. “Bro why is everyone chill as f***,” they quipped.

Unprovoked shark attacks are exceedingly rare

The tourist said that, after the shark sighting, no others were spotted at Kite Beach that day. “We waited and waited for the shark, and nothing came. However they are patrolling the shore”, she said. Kite Beach is patrolled by lifeguards and you can only swim until the sun sets due to sharks.

This occurred after a tragic event in which a young adult from New Zealand was killed after being attacked by a shark. 19-year old Kaelah Marlow was killed after she was bitten just once by a 9ft great white shark.

Every year, about 80 unprovoked shark attacks are reported globally. Even though they aren’t common, many people fear them. This is because of hearing of serial attacks, such as the Jersey Shore attacks of 1916. Of course, there are also horror movies like the Jaws series that promote the idea. Out of more than 489 known shark species, only three types are responsible for a double-digit number of fatal and unprovoked human attacks. These species include the great white, tiger, and bull Sharks. The oceanic whitetip has likely killed even more people who were stranded at sea. However, these deaths are not recorded in official statistics.

According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), there were 2,785 verified unprovoked attacks throughout the world between 1958 and 2016, with 439 fatalities. An average of four people yearly died from bites between 2001 and 2010.