Massive UFO Appears Over Central Florida After ‘Loud Boom’

by Clayton Edwards
(Image credit: Chris Clor via Getty Images)

UFO sightings in the United States go back to the mid-40s. Since then, countless Americans claim to have witnessed these strange crafts hailing from parts unknown. For decades, revealing such a sighting was a surefire way to be labeled a loon. In fact, openly talking about experiences with extraterrestrial craft ruined the lives of several witnesses. These days, that’s not the case. At the same time, we’re able to share photos and video footage of odd occurrences with millions of people around the globe.

As a direct result of social media and the prevalence of cellphone cameras, we’re seeing more and more videos of supposed UFOs. Recently, a woman in the Orlando, Florida area captured photos and videos of a massive craft hovering in plain sight. However, no one else seemed to notice. If they noticed, they showed no sign.

Instagram user Chivonne SayWhat streamed a video of the UFO on Instagram Live. She also posted photos of the craft to her feed. Later, TikTok user Master Xebula shared that video with their followers. In the video, you can tell that Chivonne is a little shaken by the sighting. You can watch it below.

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“There is a f**king UFO out here in the middle of the damn sky,” Chivonne exclaims as the video begins. “Everybody is out here riding around like they don’t see this sh*t.”

Chivonne went on to say that a loud boom preceded the UFO sighting by about a day. “So apparently yesterday in Orlando, or central Florida, you could hear a loud boom from five-something in the morning all the way from Jacksonville to Orlando,” she explained.

The UFO in the video looks like a classic flying saucer. It appears to be a massive disc-shaped craft ringed with white lights. While the camerawork and video quality aren’t the best, the craft seems to be stationary.

Florida Has a History of UFO Sightings.

This is far from the first UFO sighting in Florida. An Orlando Sentinel article from earlier this year states that the Sunshine State has the second-highest number of sightings in the United States. Those reported sightings include instances of unexplained bright lights as well as fast-moving crafts “not resembling planes or helicopters.”

Floridians have reported a total of 7,513 UFO sightings. The only other state in the Union with more sightings is California with more than 15,000 documented cases.

Also, two of the most high-profile UFO videos come from sightings in Florida. The so-called “Gimbal” and “GoFast” videos came from sightings in Jacksonville and Virginia Beach. The Black Vault reports that some researchers believe that those videos are two parts of the same experience. They both took place on January 21, 2015, and were not far apart. Additionally, researchers found several similarities in the videos.