WATCH: Mesmerizing Video Shows Herd of Deer Walking in Crystal Clear Lake

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Pierre Longnus via Getty Images)

Just north of the breathtaking Swiss Alps is the magical village of Brienz, nestled on the shores of the equally enchanting Lake Brienz. With its turquoise waters, lush surroundings, and spectacular mountain backdrop, Lake Brienz is almost impossibly beautiful.

Stretching almost 9 miles in length, Lake Brienz attracts swimmers, boaters, and kayakers, as well as countless wildlife, including the local deer population, to its idyllic waters.

A recent video shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter shows one such group of wildlife spending time at the crystal clear lake. In the video, a herd of deer wade into the water, gently dipping their faces beneath the surface for a drink.

Sure, it’s only deer. And it’s just a lake. But something about the combination of the vibrant colors of nature mixed with the tranquil sounds of the water and the peaceful wildlife calmly enjoying it all makes for a magical, mesmerizing clip.

Social media users shared similar feelings about the blissful deer video. “The scenery is like a story in a bedtime fairytale,” one user wrote. “This doesn’t even look real. Wow!” another said. “Beautiful. It looks like something out of an old Disney animated movie!” added a third.

For some, the color of the lake is no doubt reminiscent of the chemically enhanced water at a mini golf course. In Switzerland, however, this color is completely natural.

The turquoise hue of the water the deer are enjoying actually comes from glaciers! Tiny particles of sediment and water from glaciers litter the water. As the particles settle, the water turns its unbelievably vibrant shade of blue-green.

Deer Across the Country Prepare for Winter

Watching the deer in Lake Brienz sparks memories of crisp spring mornings and warm summer days. Sadly, the reality is that deer all across the country are currently preparing for the harsh winter months.

Like bears, deer prepare for winter by adding an extra layer of fat to their bodies. Rather than feasting on other animals, however, deer simply eat more nuts and berries, which contain a higher number of calories than their usual diet.

As the weather begins to turn and the days begin to shorten, they also shed their summer coats, growing longer, thicker fur in its place. It’s easy to tell the difference, as their winter coats are brown or grayish brown, unlike their lighter, reddish-brown summer coats. The darker winter fur helps deer absorb more sunlight, keeping them warm.

Though there’s snow to contend with in many parts of the country, that isn’t a problem for deer either. During winter, their skin produces an oil that makes their fur water repellent. This protects their skin from the cold, wet snow.

Fully prepared for the long winter, deer become much less active. Their metabolism slows as they begin to conserve energy, sheltering in areas that provide protection from the elements.