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WATCH: Michigan Police Help Round up Six Loose Emus

by Amy Myers
Photo by Bruna Prado/Getty Images

“Never a dull day,” the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department in Michigan said after capturing six loose emus earlier today.

Apparently, the giant birds escaped their enclosure and were running rampant in the area of 6th Street and Stadium Drive. By just 10:40 a.m., though, the dutiful officers had managed to round up all six of the emus and returned them to their rightful owner.

Following the strange incident, the Michigan police department was able to find the humor in the situation. Responding to the incredulous comments on their Facebook post, the sheriff’s office considered perhaps adding a new sector to their wildlife staff.

“Maybe we should add an emu unit! They’ve got the speed… how’s their tracking?” the KCSD joked.

Aside from the comedic nature of the rescue, though, the department stressed that no one should approach loose wildlife.

“We don’t recommend approaching any loose animals or livestock, both for your own safety and to avoid scaring them into other areas – the owners and our friends with Kalamazoo County Animal Services have more resources for securing them,” the department explained.

Emu in Wisconsin Helps Hunter Bag Six-Point Buck

Strangely enough, the emus in Michigan aren’t the only ones to make headlines recently. In Wisconsin, a deer hunter shared a story about how another loose emu actually helped him take down a buck from his stand.

Asher Torbeck, an Appleton native, was sitting in his stand on his family’s property when he noticed a two-legged creature wandering towards him.

“It was kind of bizarre,” Torbeck told Fox 11. “I’m like, why did an emu just walk under me?”

On the second day of the emu’s visit, a whitetail wandered to the same area, and a staring contest commenced.

“The emu stands up real quick and the deer stops in his tracks and now they’re just looking at each other like, ‘what in the world are you?’” said Torbeck.

Caught up in the excitement, the Wisconsin hunter took the shot and dropped the buck. Though, he admitted that he didn’t think of how the emu would react to the gunshot.

“I thought, who else can say they shot a buck while an emu was running a distraction for him, so I ended up shooting the buck and looked over at the emu I thought that big bang I hope I didn’t scare it,” said Torbeck.

After the successful hunt, the emu actually followed Torbeck for a couple of miles out of the woods. Eventually, the unlikely pair ran into the brother of the emu’s owner. Apparently, his 16-year-old sister’s three emus had escaped their enclosure. Limu the emu ended up on the Torbeck family property.

“I’m just relieved that they’re all back home and safe and nothing got to them,” said Theys. “I’m just overjoyed that they’re all back home.”