Mini Donkey Fails to Fight Off Black Bear That Follows It into Barn in Viral Video

by Taylor Cunningham
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A mini donkey put up a good fight when a black bear followed it into a barn. The animal managed to escape, but sadly it did not survive.

A security cam captured the moments before the animal died in East Haddam, Connecticut, on Oct. 14. As the post reads, the bear chased the donkey, Oliver, from his pasture. The donkey ran into his stall, where he successfully hid for a few seconds. But it ultimately cornered itself for the predator.

The footage shows the bear calmly walking through the barn, sniffing the donkey’s path, as it stands out of view. The bear eventually notices its intended prey. And as soon as Oliver realizes he’s been spotted, he charges and scares his attacker. Both of the animals flee.

While Oliver seems to escape in the video, the poster explained that the fight continued outside of the barn. The bear, unfortunately, caught the donkey “just outside the door.” And he suffered fatal injuries.

“Oliver died 6 and 1/2 hours after the attack,” reads the post. “This wasn’t discovered until the morning review of the security footage. Oliver had severe wounds on both of his flanks.”

The donkey did get away from the black bear in the end. He then walked back into the barn, where he collapsed. The owners contacted the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) once they realized what happened, and officers went to the barn to set a trap for the bear.

Officials Were Unable to Trap the Black Bear

The predator ended up returning to the farm “exactly 24 hours after it had killed Oliver.” It walked into the trap and tripped it, but it managed to escape.

In more security footage, the bear was seen walking up the owners’ driveway and into a neighbor’s yard. Apparently, the animal did not return again. But if it had, DEEP would have “tagged, hazed, and released” it exactly where it had been captured.

“The DEEP does not relocate or put down an animal until it attacks a person or enters a house,” the post added.

That same week, another miniature donkey named Lucy died after a bear attacked it in Upstate New York. Bears living on the East Coast have become more of a nuisance to landowners over the past few decades because increased forest cover has allowed their habitat to spread.

“Lucy was very petite and very endearing,” the animal’s owner, Camissa, told Albany’s News 10. “She just drew everybody in, and she was like, she looked like a baby donkey because she was so small. Lucy was one of the specialist donkeys I’ve ever met in my life.”