Minnesota Hunter Charged After Bullet Travels 900 Yards Through Shed, Into Family’s Bathroom

by Will Shepard

In the most terrifying news of the day, a Minnesota hunter has been charged with shooting a bullet into a family’s bathroom. Even though it seems to be an accident, William Desmet is still being held for recklessly discharging a firearm. However, this incident took place back in the middle of November.

According to the court documents from the case, the bullet went through a shed and into the northeast side of the house. That bullet then traveled into the family standup shower. Consequently, the bullet traveled about 900 yards into the home.

The Minnesota hunter is having his court date on January 28, in Lyman County. Desmet is a 40-year old from Marshall, Minnesota. Additionally, this is a class one misdemeanor.

During a conversation with South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks (GF&P) department, the hunter says it was a complete accident. While he was hunting, he fired a shot but was unsure as to where the bullet went. The Minnesota man says he “never would have meant [to his something that wasn’t a deer].”

However, the hunter certainly did hit something that wasn’t a deer. Even though the hunter missed the shot, he was unaware of which building the bullet struck.

The court documents also say that GF&P’s Diana Landegent investigated the case. She did so alongside the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Lyman County Sheriff’s Department, and Lower Brule Wildlife. A full day after the incident happened, Officer Landegent was called to address the shooting.

Additionally, when the officer got to the house, two witnesses were there to recount the story. As they say, they were bow hunting on November 14 when they saw three people in a hunting group out near them. The bow hunters also mention that they did see the direction where the threesome was shooting towards.

Investigating the Hunter

During the investigation, the GF&P officer discovered that the bullet not only went through a shed but also into the family bedroom. The bullet went through the shed, into the standup shower – shattering the glass door – and then through another wall, and into a bedroom dresser.

Moreover, when the family began talking about the incident, they offer more details on the damage. The family member remains remarkably calm while describing the shot entering the house.

“Last night, when I was going to take a bath, I noticed there was a hole by the faucet. So that’s when I really noticed. I started checking and found out it was a bullet. It was kind of scary.”

William Desmet’s brother also talks about the incident during the investigation. He talks about how their hunting group was not actually trying to shoot anything in particular.

“It’s not like we are trying to shoot anything. We’re trying to shoot straight at our targets all the time. The landowner called me on my way home and said we must have been shooting high and shot somebody’s shed. We weren’t intentionally shooting at anybody.”

However, the court documents read that the Minnesota man charged actually shot a mule deer buck. Consequentially, he explains further about what occurred.

“If something did happen, as I said, pure bad luck, I think. I definitely wouldn’t shoot in a bad direction, you know.”

If the hunter ends up being charged as guilty, the sentence carries a $2,000 fine as well as one-year in prison.

[H/T Mitchell Republic]