Missing Cat Figures Out How to Activate Family’s Ring Doorbell: VIDEO

by Caitlin Berard

Cats are among the most intelligent in the animal kingdom. They’re so smart, in fact, that in the 1800s, cats were used to deliver messages between villagers. Carrier pigeons were eventually found to be more efficient, but cats got the job done!

So, if a cat can deliver mail effectively, it makes sense that an indoor-outdoor cat, or even a fully outdoor cat, would have no trouble finding its way home for food and attention. But even the smartest cat can go missing, or stay away from home a little too long for their owner’s comfort.

Luckily, however, Long Island resident Stefanie Whitley’s cat Lilly is so smart that she not only returned home after a long adventure but alerted her owners to her arrival via their video doorbell.

Lilly, an 8-year-old short-haired gray cat enjoys a great deal of freedom. As an indoor-outdoor cat, she’s used to wandering in and out of her owner’s home at her leisure. But when her family moved to a new neighborhood, they thought it best she spend more time inside, as she had yet to acclimate to her new surroundings.

Determined to make her usual rounds in the neighborhood, however, Lilly escaped. At first, her owners weren’t too worried, Lilly always responded to the sound of her name. This time was different, though. Stefanie and her children called and called for their beloved cat but Lilly never came home.

Lilly the Missing Cat Rings the Doorbell of Her Owner’s Home

After Lilly’s disappearance, the days stretched on, the Whitley family losing hope of ever seeing their pet again. That is until one night when the family was gathered in the living room. The Whitleys were watching TV when a notification from their Ring doorbell appeared on the screen.

Rather than a friend or neighbor, the face on the screen was Lilly’s, the cat meowing earnestly to be let in. “The last thing in this world we ever expected to see was a cat’s face in the camera,” Whitley explained to the Daily Voice with a laugh. “And it’s our cat who has been missing and returned home.”

“We’re ecstatic and we’re so happy she’s home,” she said. “We love her. She’s back to kissing us at nighttime when we’re sleeping because she’s sour by day and sweet by night. I tell everybody she’s a Sour Patch Kid.”

By sharing Lilly’s unexpected and hilarious return, Stefanie Whitley hopes to give other pet owners hope. Even cat who’s been missing for days might turn up on your doorstep and ring the bell.

“This is a success story for us, and she came home,” Whitley said. “Maybe somebody else’s furbaby will come. I just wanted to give other people hope that if you’ve got a camera, keep checking your camera. Keep hope.”