Missouri Bowhunter Finally Bags ‘Buck of 10 Lifetimes’ After Five Years

by Alex Falls
Alexander W Helin / Getty

Joe Heuser from the YouTube channel “Respect the Game TV” bagged the biggest buck of his career last week in his home state of Missouri. The major hunting achievement was documented by fellow outdoor enthusiast Clint Schwach, who called it “a hunt of 10 lifetimes.”

The kill is absolutely massive and people are wondering if Heuser could have set a Missouri state archery record. The record currently for the largest buck hunted via a bow is held by Randy Simonitch. He took down a 269 7/8-inch nontypical whitetail in Pike County in 2000.

The exact measurement of Heuser’s kill is still unknown. But hunters on social media are claiming it easily could fall somewhere in the upper 200-inch category. Schwach detailed Heuser’s kill in a Facebook post to spread the word of the huge achievement.

“As a child I dreamt of an animal like this. I would hide behind trees in the yard with a BB gun and pretend to shoot big bucks,” Heuser said. “For this story to come to an end after many prayers. Many selfish prayers I may add is just incredible. I’m still in shock. My very own Missouri Monarch. 5 long years of watching this deer is finally over. I learned a lot about myself on this journey. (Louis) you played one hell of a chess match. For everyone that helped me along the way I say thank you. Your presence and love goes farther than y’all think.”

“Josh Heuser, son of Kent Heuser, just shot the biggest free range Missouri buck I have ever seen! I am sure that we will hear more about this buck over the next year,” Jesse Maruschak, an experienced public land hunter wrote in a Facebook post on Sept. 29. “It absolutely dwarfs my 193-inch buck. It’s probably 280+!!!”

Heuser Had a Long History with this Particular Buck

We’re still waiting on official details on just how big the buck is. But Heuser has posted on social media after his successful hunt and said he’s been watching this buck grow up for years.

“Us four covered countless miles in the pickup this summer. The kids would watch movies in the back seat while I glassed. Truck piled with snacks and juices we were ready to roll. 5 years of watching him came to a close. An incredible story that I can’t wait to share,” Hauser said in his Instagram post.

Hauser’s followers and fellow hunting enthusiasts were quick to congratulate him on the hunt of a lifetime.

“Absolutely amazing watching all you boys doin your thing and chasin your dreams!! Congrats ole buddy that’s a hog!!!” wrote one fan of Respect the Game.

“Congrats brother! Very impressive buck and nobody deserved it more than you! That definitely blows any iowa deer ive seen out of the water!” said another fan.