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Missouri Woman Bitten by Stray ‘Kitten,’ Turns Out to Be a Bobcat

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Mark Kostich)

Kittens can be fierce and feisty little things…scratching and biting a little too hard as they play around being their adorable little selves. However, one Missouri woman is likely hoping she checked out one “kitten” a little closer recently after suffering a bite from the adorable animal. As it turns out, the kitten the woman thought she was rescued was in fact, a wild baby bobcat.

This Little “Kitten” Gave The Missouri Woman A Bobcat Bite

When a Missouri woman saw a lonely kitten on the side of the road she swept in and picked the little one up for rescue. However, she had no idea the animal that she was really rescuing was from the wild…and not one you would want for a pet! Soon, however, the bobcat did its thing. Giving the woman a (baby) bobcat-sized bite on the thumb.

The Kansas City, Missouri woman noticed the little feline on the side of the road in Liberty, Missouri recently and promptly stopped to check on the furry baby. She decided to scoop the little cat up and look for help, local authorities note. However, she learned there was much more to this little animal than meets the eye when it chomped down on her thumb.

“A word of advice,” quips the Liberty Missouri Police Department Twitter post.

“If you want to pick up the cute little kitten to pet it, make sure it is not a bobcat first!!” the post continues. “They do bite and scratch.”

According to reports, bobcats are quite common in this area Clay County area of Missouri which is home to just over 30,000 people. And, thankfully, the bobcat was still tiny enough that it didn’t leave much of a mark on the woman’s thumb. It did, however, leave behind an awesome story to tell. How many people can say they have been attacked by a bobcat and walked away nearly unscathed?

This Grown Bobcat Waits Out Its Prey, Holding Up A Golf Game During the Hunt

A recent Instagram post details the moments when a sneaky bobcat lies in wait on a putting green. Holding up the game as it prepares to pounce on an unsuspecting rabbit.

As the video begins we see the large wild feline lying on the putting green. Soon, the animal slowly moves forward, its eyes locked on the prey. The bobcat flutters its tail as it preps to bounce toward the rabbits. Many of the hoppy little animals scatter at this unexpected attack. One unlucky bunny, however, becomes the bobcat’s newest prize.

“Oh, he caught it!” you can hear someone exclaim on the clip as the bobcat carries away its newly caught snack.