Monks Shocked to Discover Crocodile Living in Their Temple Pond

by Emily Morgan

In a rare turn of events, monks at a Thai temple recently discovered an intruder in their pond: a 4-feet-long crocodile. However, they have no idea how the croc got there. 

According to The Phuket Express, the monks in Phuket, Thailand, are concerned about the crocodile potentially attacking people who feed turtles in their pond. On Friday, the Phuket Fisheries Office removed the reptile from the pond before it could hurt someone, The Thaiger reported.

Surprisingly, it is not unusual for crocodiles to appear in odd places across the south Asian country. For example, in August, a crocodile was found in a small pond in a wooded area in Bangkok, according to news reports. 

In another incident this past spring, two Thai residents were attacked by a crocodile residing in a lagoon. Sadly, the incident left one person with a hand injury, while the other suffered a leg injury.

Crocodiles are unapologetic animals with fiercely strong jaws and 80 razor-sharp teeth. In addition, they are known to go after attack humans in areas where they are native. 

According to statistics, around 1,000 people are killed annually by crocodiles, according to the animal encyclopedia AZ Animals and CrocBITE, a database that tracks global crocodile attacks. 

However, it’s somewhat challenging to document the precise number of crocodile attacks since some happen in remote areas and go undocumented.

Crocodile carries dead man’s body in its jaws

Last month, bystanders in Mexico saw an enormous, 11-foot-long crocodile going for a dip in a lagoon while carrying a dead man’s body in its jaws. Residents took a video of the horrific moment and posted it online. 

The croc attacked the 25-year-old victim after he went into the lagoon, which residents say is “forbidden” for people to swim in. Police later said the man went into the water after ignoring the park signs warning people against it.

In June, a 13-foot crocodile reportedly attacked a construction worker in a province in Indonesia. The man was sitting on a boat after swimming in the bay. Moments later, the giant reptile pulled him into the water. Residents later located the crocodile after noticing it had an engorged stomach. When they cut it open, they discovered the man’s remains, according to police.

In another tragic incident in April, Joshua Young, a fisherman in Caye Caulker, Belize, battled a 10-foot crocodile. The animal attacked him while spearfishing. At the time, he was on a beach where people often snorkel, fish, and swim.

 At one point, while fishing, the unforgiving creature chomped down around Young’s head. However, he was able to swim to shore. Young suffered injuries that included teeth punctures to his throat, chin, forehead, and hands.