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Moose Charges Past Skiers in Knee-Deep Snow at Incredible Speed: VIDEO

by Craig Garrett
(JULIEN BESSET/AFP via Getty Images)

A group of skiers was filming themselves in knee-deep snow when a moose ran past them, and the footage quickly went viral on Twitter. Old videos going viral on social media is not a new phenomenon. People are both resharing and being entertained by this moose running through the snow. Rightfully so, the video has garnered a lot of attention for the animal’s incredible speed on difficult terrain. “Moose are fast, even in deep snow,” reads the recent Twitter post.

The video on Twitter starts with a few skiers in knee-deep snow watching a moose from afar. However, within moments, the animal begins running towards them before vanishing into the wild. The animal’s grace and speed have really impressed people used to seeing it normally grazing in place. The description of the original YouTube post from 2011 mentioned that the video was taken in Gaspesia, Quebec.

The video has blown up since it was posted a few days ago, amassing over 3 million views. The clip also has a jaw-dropping 95,000 likes and 9,400 retweets. People have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts and opinions on the clip. One user can’t believe how much they used to underestimate the majestic creature. “There really was once upon a time I just assumed moose were basically just deer with different types of antlers but now every time I see a video of them I realize more and more they’re basically nature titans.”

Twitter weighs in on the moose speedster

“Moose are fast and huge. It really is incredible how huge moose are. And nearly silent! I’ve been surprised by a moose several times and it’s always a shock. Oh, and if you hit a moose with your car, it’s likely your car will die rather than the moose,” wrote another impressed Twitter user. Finally, another person couldn’t help but note the danger the skiers were in. “Those folks were very lucky. I have encountered moose on snowshoes. They are fast and scary big.”

Although moose don’t often attack humans, they can become aggressive if provoked or frightened. In North America, more people are hurt by them than any other animal, including bears and wolves. And on a global scale, only hippopotamuses injure more people.

Moose may charge if they feel harassed or startled by people or dogs. As with any wild animal, moose that are used to being fed by humans may become aggressive when refused food. During fall mating season, males may act aggressively toward humans due to the high hormone levels at that time. Cows with young calves can be very aggressive if humans come close, especially if they threaten to separate mother and calf. However, they do not see humans as prey and will usually not chase after them if they flee.