Moose Surprises Kids With an Unexpected Visit to Maine Daycare: PHOTOS

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A daycare center is often a place full of wild times and lots of energy and eventful moments with kiddos of all ages running around creating some exciting playtime activities. And, it’s no doubt that there is always something exciting going on, too. However, one recent event at a Maine daycare took the cake when it comes to unique and exciting events when a photo was captured of one very unusual visitor stopping by to say “hi” to the little charges.

A Moose Makes An Unexpected Visit To One East-Coast Daycare

Things may get wild from time to time at the average daycare center. However, it’s rare that the wildlife wants to get in on a little of this wild action. Especially when the interested wildlife is a massive creature like a moose. However, one Maine moose decided to stop by to see some daycare kiddos as it wandered by the Summit Learning Center daycare in Bangor Maine.

“Interesting morning here at Summit,” notes a recent Summit Learning Center Facebook post.

“We had quite a big visitor!” the daycare’s Facebook post continues of the unusual incident.

“The kids were super excited,” the social media post points out. Of course, the message says what a lot of us are thinking with the inquiry regarding who “would have thought we’d have a moose sighting in Downtown Bangor?!”

Then, of course, there needs to be a quick shout-out to the officials who responded to the call of the wild animal’s visit. The daycare officials make sure to give thanks to “the game wardens who were very patient in making sure our friend made it back to his home safely.”

A Bull Moose Sticks Its Head Into A Hunter’s Blind In Heart-Pounding Video

Recently, a North Dakota bull moose gave one hunter quite the scare as it stopped by to visit, poking its head into the blind. It’s a moment, recounts the hunter Breann Zietz that was both exciting and frightening all at once.

“I went bow hunting last week for my white-tailed deer in North Dakota,” notes Breanna Zietz as she recounts the heart-pounding moment on her Facebook page recently. Zietz adds that she had set out that morning waiting for a deer. Which, the hunter adds did “not come in that day.”

“Still, I had a [once-in-a-lifetime] experience,” Zietz says of the incident on the Facebook post along with the shocking video detailing the moments alongside the video of the curious cow moose who decided to thoroughly investigate her camouflage hunting blind. Zietz says that it was more than likely her nose jammer spray that attracted the massive animal to her blind in the first place.

“[Heart} pounding, shaking, but excited,” Zietz continues in her post.

“I didn’t know what to do, so I stayed still as if I wasn’t there,” she adds. “I’ll never forget this moment.”