Moronic Tourist Attempts to Pet Wild Bull Elk in Unbelievable Video

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

We think you might start singing that classic rock song People Are Strange after seeing what this dude tries to do with a bull elk. OK, so you want to see the bull elk up close and personal. Sure, most can relate to that. In this viral video, you will see one human being try and be friendly.

Common sense might be something worthwhile to consider when seeing this video. We don’t know what in the world got into this dude. It’s a good thing to want to be friendly with animals. There are some of them who will even welcome human interaction at some point. But a bull elk like this bad boy? Oh man, not a good idea.

Funny, but the dude kind of learns his lesson. A little bit. As you see him get closer to the animal, once it moves, then he decides to move, too. Yeah, he makes almost a beeline to get away from the animal. This is what is called common sense, friends. We don’t know whether or not the bull elk really did take off for this guy. Obviously, we would not blame the animal if it did.

People Need To Leave The Bull Elk Alone

The bull elk is simply minding his business. There’s nothing that the animal is doing to stir up trouble. See, the person who tries to be friendly with it is causing issues. Why in the world does this dude think that getting close is a good idea? You just don’t mess with a bull elk like this at all.

Did you hear the bull elk? He was chirping at the tourist. Once the mighty animal arose from his resting spot, that guy was making tracks. Yeah, just don’t mess with the animals at all. Leave the animal alone. Look what he was doing. Minding his business. He wasn’t up and around chasing down this guy.

One outlet called this guy a jabroni. We happen to agree with the moniker.