‘Most Ridiculously Detailed’ Picture of the Moon Released After Two-Year Process to Make It: PHOTO

by Jonathan Howard

People love looking at the moon. But, we haven’t ever seen it quite like this. Thanks to two astrophotographers, we have a new, highly-detailed and viral photo. This is being billed as the “most ridiculously detailed” picture of Earth’s natural satellite. While we might just think of the moon as a big white shiny rock, it’s a lot more than that. The soil composition actually means it has a number of colors and shades that we don’t normally see here on the ground.

Friends and collaborators Andrew McCarthy and Connor Matherne teamed up on the project. Using 200,000 different photos that were taken during the duration of a single night,, the two put together a composite image. What it shows is an image of the moon like you have never seen before.

Moon in Detail

Check out the photo below and see it for yourself.

According to McCarthy himself, the project is a “love letter” to the Artemis 1 mission. It is the first manned mission to the moon in more than 50 years.

It really seems like these guys know what they’re doing. Maybe that’s because they’ve done it before. Check out the original below.

In a time when the James Webb Telescope is all the rage, this is a bit of a challenge to the super-technology. Showing what individual artists can accomplish with what they have at their disposal. Those reds and grey blues are amazing. And, to be fair, the colors did get a saturation boost.

McCarthy has had a great time doing this, but it’s not always productive work. Pesky clouds and the cycle of the moon itself make things difficult. “Anybody can do it, but it takes a special temperament,” he says.

No More Supermoons This Year

One thing is for certain, humans have been obsessed with the moon and the stars… forever. Early people lived by the movement of celestial objects. Using their positions for help in early sciences and maths. This summer we had a ton of great sights of the moon with a series of supermoons. Month in and month out, these massive displays of our favorite celestial neighbor awed millions.

However, this August was the end of the supermoon schedule for this year. There won’t be another one in 2022. The last was a Sturgeon Moon, which lit up the night sky in the early parts of the month. Before that, July and June also had great supermoons. It was a summer of bright nights.

While we won’t see another supermoon this year, that doesn’t mean you should stop looking up at the night sky. The rock in the sky knows how to put on a show, regardless of supposed “supermoons” or not. Keep your eyes open for the Harvest Moon in September. That comes on the 10th and will be the next full moon we get this year.