Mountain Lion Goes Full Tarzan Mode in Escape From Pack of Hounds: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Mountain lions spend their lives doing a lot of climbing. The terrains they live within are perfect for honing many agile skills from climbing trees, scaling rocks, and running through the brush. On any given day, these big cats can navigate plenty of roadblocks, no doubt.

However, one mountain lion shows off some super climbing skills in a recent tweet. Expertly scaling a gigantic tree and seemingly running through the air before escaping a hunter and a pack of sniffing hounds that are tasked with tracking the wild animal down.

Crafty Mountains Lion Shows Of Parkour-Like Skills In Jaw-Dropping Video

Hunting dogs are determined animals. They can track down their target for miles, picking up on scents and leading their owners to a major prize. However, the animals these dogs are likely to be tracking often rely on their own senses. Senses that sometimes save them from the determined packs. And one lucky mountain was able to pick up on its pursuers just in time to get away. Expertly displaying some impressive “parkour moves” scaling a huge tree and flying through the branches before disappearing further into the wilderness.

We first see the big cat as it’s holding on tight to the trunk of a tree. Using its claws to remain far off the ground as the hounds continue to make noise below. And we gotta say, this mountain lion wasn’t planning on going down. And, if it did go down, it wasn’t going to go easily!

This Lion Has Some Impressive Get-Away Moves!

The mountain lion slides itself down the trunk of the tree, taking a few moments to wiggle down and then gripping the trunk again to maintain its post away from the unwelcome forest visitors. Soon, however, the lion finds itself at level with a tree branch from a neighboring tree. The brave lion leaps off of the trunk onto this branch. It’s at this point the animal goes full speed, jumping from tree branch to tree branch. The agile animal does this so quickly that it almost becomes a blur as it continues with its escape. The barking hounds follow behind the escaping mountain lion in hot pursuit.