Mountain Lion Makes Coyote Its Dinner With Lightning-Quick Grab: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A mountain lion chases down a coyote pup and makes a super quick catch to secure dinner in this viral Instagram post.

In the trail cam footage, we first see the coyote pup looking off into the distance. It appears to sneeze a second into the clip as it listens for the sound of its eventual predator. Once the coyote pup realizes what’s happening, it’s too late. The coyote darts backwards to the right as a large mountain lion pounces into the frame. It speeds back over to the left of the frame before being wrestled down by the puma.

The mountain lion corrals the coyote as it tries to get away, throwing its paws on top of the canine. Then, it goes in for the kill, squeezing the life out of the coyote’s neck with a death grip on its throat. The coyote makes a slight noise, and then it goes still. Then, the mountain lion stands up with the limp wolf dangling from its mouth. The wolf’s tail flickers for a moment, and the lion looks around the scene with its prey, peering around for a spot to dine.

The footage of the mountain lion’s chase can be seen below.

In their caption, the account writes about how these two animals commonly compete for prey when their environments overlap since both coyotes and mountain lions eat similar diets.

People React to Mountain Lion’s Pursuit of Coyote Pup

Moreover, the account explains that had the coyote been an adult, it most likely could’ve easily escaped the mountain lion’s clutches. “Coyotes are able to move faster than their lanky feline competition by a good margin,” they write. However, since this coyote was just a pup, it succumbed to an early demise at the hands of this predator.

Plenty of commenters took to Instagram to voice their opinion on the big cat’s chase-down of the coyote. Some commenters wondered if the lion even broke a sweat in his pursuit. “Did he even try?” one person asked.

Others took the opportunity to lampoon the coyote pup, saying its survival instincts weren’t as sharply attuned as other animals. “Good job running in circles my guy. Hesitation is defeat,” they wrote. However, it still seems easy to think the mountain lion still could’ve tracked down the pup.

One commenter agreed with their assessment, writing: “Too much zig not enough zag :/.”

Another person had revenge on their mind. In their comment, they expressed gratitude for the mountain lion for avenging all house cats killed by coyotes. “Chalk one up for all the house cats that have disappeared at the hands of Wile E,” they wrote, referencing the iconic Looney Tunes coyote.