Mountain Lion’s Mind Gets Completely Blown Discovering Tree Swing: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

One fierce mountain lion took a break from serious lioning recently, showing off its “goofy” side while playing like a kitty cat on a trail camera. The hilarious kitty-cat moment came as the Colorado mountain lion realized that the log under which it was resting was actually the seat to a tree swing.

In the adorable video, we see the mountain lion as it rests next to a tree in the dark. Just above the resting big cat is a tree swing. However, the sleepy lion does not yet realize the fun the swing can provide on this particular evening.

The Mountain Lion Goes Full “Kitty Cat” Playing With A Tree Swing In Hilarious Trail Cam Clip

As the video begins, we see that the mountain lion is clearly taking a rest by the tree. Then, the big cat makes a big stretch … tapping the edge of the tree swing that is hovering just above its head. We very quickly see the surprise the mountain lion pushes the swing, moving it ever so slightly.

The lion sits up now, alert, watching the tree swing as it sways back and forth. At first, the big cat seems startled by the contraption. However, it is quickly charmed by the unexpected toy. The lion then begins pushing the swing watching it as it moves quietly in the night.

The Swing Was Originally Designed To Keep Little Bear Cubs Busy

The video was recorded in an area that sits about 40 miles northwest of Denver Colorado. The man who shared the video earlier this month, Thadeus Wells notes that the swing was initially constructed for bear cubs. However, the mountain lion’s appearance certainly did not disappoint.

“When I saw this reaction to the swing I laughed and fell in love with her,” Wells says of the adorable video.

“Who wouldn’t?” he adds. Wells goes on to note that the video is especially fun as we can see the mountain lion’s reaction to the contraption. The reaction quickly goes from surprise to excitement as it plays with the tree swing.

“You can see her mind at work,” Wells relates.

“She seems surprised to find that it moved at all,” he continues.

“Then surprised to see it swings so far as to hover over her,” Wells adds. “She really focuses her attention on it for some time.”

Mountain lions are native to Colorado with an estimated 7,000 roaming the area. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials, mountain lions can grow to be as large as 150 pounds. The one captured in the video is on the smaller side, Wells notes. However, it appears bigger due to a swollen jaw. An injury Wells assumes came from a kick in the face from a recent deer snack.

“This is just a hobby for me,” Wells says of the trail cam.

“Four years ago a mountain lion took down a deer in my actual backyard and then it was savaged by coyotes,” he relates. “That led me to put a camera on it to see what else was going to happen.”