Mountain Lion Stalks Hallways in Colorado Condo: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Doors are meant to keep a variety of things outside. Including any wildlife that may otherwise be wandering in. However, the sliding doors at one Vail Colorado condominium aren’t working too great on this end as a stealth mountain lion finds its way inside. Eventually, this wild animal makes its way into the hallways of the building. Stalking the area as it searches desperately for a way to get back outside.

The Mountain Lion Easily Strolls Through The Condo Lobby

One very brief video of the event shares the moment the mountain lion found its way inside Colorado’s Vail Spa Condominiums. In the video, we see the animal as it triggers the condo’s first set of automatic doors at the Colorado complex.

Then, the video shows that the lion isn’t entirely sure where it is headed, stepping off into the corner for a brief moment. However, this move triggers the second set of automatic doors. The mounting lion notices this movement and saunters right inside, past the building’s front desk.

The second video then shows the mountain lion as it saunters through the condominium. Finding a path through the building’s hallways. It looks as if the lion is focused on opening the door leading outside that sits in the corner of this passageway.

The video depicts the lion as it passes back and forth. At one point the animal almost charges the door, stopping to push a bit while standing on its hind legs.

The Condo Officials Watched as the Very Unusual Visitor Walks Right Into the Vail Building

The manager at the Vail Colorado condominium, Jeremy Follett received a very strange call that day as one of the residents was wondering why officers were around the building at the time. The resident reported that the officers were carrying what looked to be big guns. At first, Follett wasn’t sure what was happening. However, he soon saw exactly what was starting to unfold.

“While I was on the phone with the homeowner, in walked a mountain lion,” Follett recounts of the unusual day.

According to Follett, the mountain lion sauntered through the condo’s automatic doors, heading straight through the lobby and down the hallway.

Thankfully, officials were right on top of the scenario and they were able to secure the area. Keeping the mountain lion away from guests. And focusing on keeping the animal calm as Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers raced to the scene.

The Vail Colorado Police Department and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers were able to immobilize the big cat. However, officials soon learned the animal was struggling and not in good condition.

“Unfortunately, officers discovered the mountain lion was severely emaciated and in poor condition,” officials note of the incident.

“Which likely contributed to its desire to be in close proximity to humans,” the statement continues. “As a result, the animal was euthanized.”