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Mule Deer Bursts Through Window, Hangs Out in Basement of Colorado Home

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Twildlife

Although the seasonal rut is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean wildlife is calming down anytime soon. For instance, one Colorado couple learned this the hard way after they found a mule deer in their basement.

Last month, a mule deer busted into their Colorado Springs home after presumably seeing its reflection in a window. Now, we’re not sure if the deer got tripped up and thought the deer he was looking at was another deer he needed to fight with or if he was just spooked. Regardless, the deer crashed through the window and landed in the basement.

As soon as the couple got wind of what happened, they contacted the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW.) Shortly later, officer Travis Sauder arrived on the scene. Once there, he located the deer casually sitting on the basement floor.

Pics from the CPW’s official Twitter account indicate that it had been moving around for a few minutes before Sauder got here. He also left party favors of feces and blood in the basement.

According to the Twitter post, Sauder shot the deer with a tranquilizer dart as a way to sedate it. As the deer went down, it took a flower vase with it. The buck appears to have a nice nap in a photo taken later.

Then, Sauder and CPW biologist Ty Woodard transferred the deer outside to a safer location for the animal and the homeowners. In a short clip, Saude rubs the deer’s stomach to wake it up.

At the 30-second mark, the deer finally wakes up and comes out of his slumber. However, the video stops before we see the deer stand back up. The video stops just before the buck stands up. However, CPW later said the deer could get up and limp away.

Last month, conservation officers In Idaho received a report of a mule deer that had fallen into an abandoned water storage tank after plunging into the tank. It was also unknown how long the deer was in there before officials located it. In addition, the tank was 12 feet in depth, making it challenging to extract the deer.

Officers ultimately decided to sedate the deer so that officials could securely wrap it in a sling and properly hoist it up and out of the water tank.

Officials also placed a green ear tag on the deer to show that officials had sedated it with anesthetizing drugs and for future identification purposes. The officials also checked its vitals. After they confirmed the deer was okay, they reversed the drugs.