Naked Man Plunges 330 Feet Into Ravine, Has No Answers as to How He Got There

by Taylor Cunningham

A young man was rescued after he fell 330 feet into a ravine—while completely naked. When asked how he managed to make it into the ravine and why he wasn’t wearing clothes, the man said he didn’t know.

The unnamed victim, 19, toppled into a canyon at the Mestre Álvaro nature reserve in Espírito Santo, Brazil on Wednesday, Sept 7, and became trapped in a narrow crack between two boulders, according to The New York Post. Luckily for him, a hiker eventually heard his cries for help and called the police.

However, local authorities weren’t unequipped for the task. Instead, the Brazilian Air Force had to head out to the location and hatch a plan.

“A team was sent to the scene, and they found the victim in a crack between two cliffs, unable to get out and out of the team’s reach,” Major Pablo Angely Marques told local media.

The military had to act fast and carefully. The exhibitionist was wedged precariously on top of another drop-off. So he had the chance of plummeting further if he or a rescuers made a wrong move.

“We found him at a point that was very difficult to access, with risk of him falling at any moment,” Major Angely Marques continued.

The Air Force Rescued the Naked Man Using a Military Helicopter

Ultimately, the Air Force sent a military helicopter over the ravine and dropped a rescue basket to the naked man. Even after falling more than 300 feet on rocks and trees, he was still physically able to pull himself into the basket without help. From there, the pilot was able to safely deliver him to stable ground.

The military then took the man to the Jayme Santos Neves State Hospital. He remained there under observation, and doctors treated him for hypothermia and several injuries that he sustained in the fall.

Authorities later learned that the naked man lived in the nearby city of Vila Velha, which is approximately 18 miles from the nature preserve. His family had reported him missing that morning. The police refused to share any other information about his identity with the public.

However, the Air Force did say that they did not solve the mystery surrounding his fall or his clothless state. And it’s unlikely that they will ever get answers.

“He couldn’t explain why he was naked,” Major Angely Marques added. “He claimed he couldn’t remember how he got there, but presumed he went to the area with friends.”