NASA Captures Pic of Two Overlapping Spiral Galaxies That Looks Like a Weird Space ‘Snail’

by Tia Bailey

A photo taken by NASA has caught the attention of many people. The photo features two overlapping spiral galaxies that resembles a snail.

The image comes from the Hubble Space Telescope, and the galaxies are over one billion lightyears away. According to Science Alert, the galaxies are SDSS J115331 and LEDA 2073461. Although it looks like they are colliding, they’re actually far away from each other.

The photo shows the two golden spirals seemingly next to each other, forming a celestial snail-like shape.

On the website for the Hubble, it explains: “Despite appearing to collide in this image, the alignment of the two galaxies is likely just by chance — the two are not actually interacting. While these two galaxies might simply be ships that pass in the night, Hubble has captured a dazzling array of interacting galaxies in the past.”

Although the galaxies are not actually overlapping or interacting, it is still an interesting image.

NASA Capsule Tumbles Out of Control

NASA’s $30 million capsule, CAPSTONE, is having issues. NASA calls it a “dynamic operational situation,” and the capsule is tumbling out of control on its way to the moon.

On September 8, an unknown emergency triggered the capsule’s “safe mode,” and later lost control.

“The vehicle was attempting to communicate with the ground for approximately 24 hours before any telemetry was recovered,” they said. “At the point of recovery, the spacecraft was not in a stable configuration, it was not power positive. And the system was experiencing periodic resets.”

Advanced Space, the company that runs the CAPSTONE mission, provided an update four days later.

“The CAPSTONE spacecraft was executing a planned trajectory correction maneuver Thursday evening, September 8th. We have since obtained telemetry that confirms the vehicle suffered an anomaly near the end of the planned maneuver and is currently in safe mode,” the update reads. “The CAPSTONE mission team has good knowledge of the state and status of the spacecraft. The anomaly resolution has been enabled by the exceptional support of the team at NASA’s Deep Space Network. The mission operations team is in contact with the vehicle and working to resolve the anomaly. As resolution efforts progress, more updates will be provided. The spacecraft remains on its planned course to the Moon.”

They were able to regain some control, but the capsule was still tumbling through space.

CAPSTONE Updates After Capsule Issues

On September 15, they shared some “relatively good news.” The communications side had improved, and they are working on fixing the issues.

“This remains a dynamic and changing situation. We are focused on working the technical situation with an emphasis on disciplined analysis supporting a well thought out recovery attempt. The success of the CAPSTONE mission remains our primary focus. As we are able to, we will continue to share information on progress,” they wrote.