National Bison Day: The Wildest Viral Video of 2022

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Serjio74

Today, November 5th, we celebrate the bison, also commonly known as the American buffalo. In honor of the massive creature’s day, we’re looking back at one of the many viral videos from this year. 

From hikers being gored while hiking to ‘tourons’ getting way too close to the animals while visiting national parks, there were tons of viral moments to choose from that show the beast’s ferocity. 

However, in honor of National Bison Day, we’re looking at one viral clip that left us, well, let’s say, shook. In the video, a massive bison herd plows through Yellowstone National Park. However, they’ve chosen to make it so that their route goes over a bridge. Luckily enough, someone was there to capture the event as it unfolded. Check it out below. 

First off, hats off to whatever group of engineers designed that bridge because we could’ve sworn it would collapse at any minute during the video. 

Second, how wild would it have been to be there in person? While it’s expected to see wildlife at Yellowstone, having the earth shake beneath you as a pack of bison plows through wasn’t on the itinerary. 

Thankfully, whoever shot the video kept to the golden rule of staying in the car whenever visiting wildlife. If they hadn’t, let’s just say it would’ve resembled what happened to Mufasa in The Lion King

Viewers can also tell they’re parked on a bridge as the bridge appears to be shaking as the herd forces the bridge to tremble. “They’re shaking the whole bridge!” someone says in the background as they laugh. “The whole bridge is jumping,” another says as the phenomenon continues.

American Bison: How we can keep them safe

Although it may seem like bison are king, as the largest land mammals, they’re at risk due to humans. National Bison Day aims to raise awareness for the at-risk status of this awe-inspiring creature. 

Since they need so many acres to roam, humans encroaching on their space has significantly hurt their populations. 

Bison in America are now considered to be an at-risk species. Over 100 years ago, in 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt wrote about how tragic it would be if they went extinct. To commemorate the role the animals have played in America, the Senate officially recognized National Bison Day in 2013.

Later, in 2016, the National Bison Legacy Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama, which ended a successful “Vote Bison” campaign to make the bison the national mammal of the United States.

If you want to make a positive difference in the lives of bison, you can donate to The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). There are also other charitable organizations that work hard to protect bison and make sure they can thrive. 

In addition, the WWF has another program known as ‘Adopt a Bison.’ The program allows sponsors to make donations that help the animals. You can also purchase gifts and merchandise that help bison.