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New ‘Bigfoot Pictures’ Will No Doubt Keep You Up at Night: LOOK

by Emily Morgan
Bigfoot Pictures Keep You Up Night Look
Photo by: paul fisher

Google Earth has brought us new head-scratching, albeit terrifying, images of the elusive Bigfoot. According to the latest reports, the recent pictures have sparked a debate about whether the cryptic creature was roaming around Colorado.

Now, a team of Bigfoot investigators has convinced themselves that the new satellite images show Sasquatch in the wilderness.

Google Earth reportedly took the picture at the coordinates 38°16’24” N. 108°08’32 in the Western part of the state. A Reddit user later posted the pic on a subreddit about Big Foot.

As viewers see in the picture, you can see a shadowy silhouette of something walking through a clearing, which online investigators have determined is nearly seven-and-a-half feet tall.

In addition, a Reddit user, known online as bassrunner, believes they were once in the area but felt uneasy while there.

“There was one section on that loop hike that sometimes gave me the willies in a vague and undefinable way, and at least one other person I know said the same thing about that area,” they wrote online about the eerie location.

Yet, user Northwest_Radio believes they’ve got the real answer to the peculiar picture.

Online sleuths closely examine new pics of reported Bigfoot sighting in Colorado

“I found later photos (Shadows are different, sun farther south/lower) and this is a ground anomaly,” they wrote online. “Water likely. Maybe the start of a lake. If that is the case, it should be named Skookum Lake.”

However, this is far from the first time online users have claimed to have found evidence of the creature’s existence. For centuries, Bigfoot has puzzled human beings. Today, many believe the paranormal being is between seven and ten feet and weighs over 450 pounds. In addition, it’s also theorized the creature’s footprints span 17 inches long.

Centuries ago, in 1811, British explorer David Thompson was one of the first to study Bigfoot after discovering massive prints.

Today, we hear more and more reports of Bigfoot sightings thanks to the internet and social media. For example, in September 2016, someone shot footage of what appeared to be a giant ape-like, hairy beast that can be seen in California.

Then, in October 2017, a California farmer claimed he had seen a whole family of the creatures carrying a pig while running through his ranch. Also that year, a mysterious clip showed a creature swinging through trees near a hiking trail in California.

Later, in June 2018, a Florida woman in Florida reported seeing a creature that looked like “a large pile of soggy grass.” In addition, in July of 2021, video footage is thought to show the being crossing Michigan’s Cass river.