New Hampshire Animal Sanctuary Hosts Fairytale Pig Wedding

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: James Southworth Southworth / EyeEm

Like something from a children’s book, 100 people recently gathered for a wedding as two pigs took each other’s hoofs in holy matrimony. According to reports, a New Hampshire non-profit organized the swine ceremony to celebrate the organization’s work as a local animal sanctuary. 

After the pigs made their way down the aisle at Amazing Grace Animal Sanctuary, the happy couple, Gronk and Henrietta, took their vows over pig feed as community members watched in awe.

“I’ve been counting down the days since I heard about this,” said onlooker Chelsea Cummings. “It’s my first pig wedding.”

Before the unusual nuptials took place, there were months of preparation following the publication of a children’s book that fictionalized the couple and their happy day. 

Amazing Grace owner Donna Watterson said the bride was “a bit of a bridezilla” as she got into her dress. Despite this, the event turned out to be a hog-wild fun time for the couple and their guests. 

The children’s book on which the wedding was based, Pig Tails of Gronk and Henrietta, was written by Peggy Rydberg. She is a retired schoolteacher and friend of the non-profit.  

Rydberg became friends with Watterson while at Keene State College. 

Animal sanctuary sees two rescued pigs trot down the aisle

“When [Watterson] told me that Gronk and Henrietta were starting to get along because, at first, they didn’t get along so well, she said, ‘I think we need to have a wedding for them,'” Rydberg said. “I thought that sounded like a children’s book.”

Later, that fairy tale became a reality after Saturday’s ceremony. The groom donned a faux tuxedo and his betrothed in a tutu. 

Dave Sutherland acted as the officiant of the wedding. 

“I am told that the wedding couple had a great dinner last night of watermelon and Skittles that was followed up by ice pops,” Sutherland said. “This is probably going to be the most famous wedding since Porky Pig.”

Watterson and her husband also signed off as Henrietta’s “parents.”

Previously, Gronk came to the non-profit in 2019 after a family surrendered him as he grew older. Henrietta was given to the farm four years ago by someone who rescued her from a pet pig farm. According to Watterson, Henrietta was set to be euthanized after being born with a damaged hoof.

“Gronk was an indoor pig at first. And then he got naughty in the house eating all the candy, so he came out here to meet Henrietta,” Watterson said. “She had to teach him about mud baths and how to be a pig.”

At the reception, guests were treated to a three-tiered wedding cake featuring miniatures of the pigs. 

The two pigs later retired to a honeymoon suite which featured two suitcases for the pigs’ upcoming honeymoon. Per Watterson, the newlyweds will go on a real honeymoon at Pig Beach in the Exuma Cays of the Bahamas.