New York State Troopers Get Creative Freeing Trapped Bear From SUV

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Much of law enforcement relies heavily on carefully laid out procedures and pre-established rules and guidelines. However, every once in a while, a situation arrives where officers and officials must think outside of the box in an unusual situation. Coming up with a solution to a scenario for which they are not previously prepared. Even those officers who have been heavily trained in a variety of areas. This is exactly what happened when a group of New York State Troopers were quick on their feet, coming up with a genius contraption when rescuing a bear who had become trapped in an SUV.

New York State Troopers Come Up With A Clever Solution When Rescuing A Trapped Bear

Recently, a group of New York State Troopers received a call to the scene when a bear got stuck in an SUV in Hurley New York. Now, it’s no secret that a trapped bear isn’t very likely to be a calm bear. In fact, the wild animal is very likely worked up and on edge as it’s trapped inside the large vehicle.

Of course, the responding officers certainly had to take this into account when arriving at the scene of the incident. And they did exactly this as they came up with a decidedly creative contraption to not only let the trapped bear out of the SUV but to also keep everyone responding to the call as safe as possible.

The clever officers decided to toss a strap onto the tailgate door handle of the vehicle. Enabling the responding experts to open the vehicle, allowing the bear to exit while maintaining a very safe distance. And the entire incident was captured on video. Thankfully, this trick worked just fine. And, it’s very likely this genius hack wasn’t one the officers learned in regular training drills!

The Bear Exited The Vehicle Appearing To Be Unharmed, The SUV Wasn’t Quite As Lucky

As the video plays, we see the strap connected to the SUV’s tailgate handle. Soon, the officers are able to yank on the strap just enough to pull the backdoor of the Honda CR-V wide open. It took a moment for the bear to figure out this was a safe option. But, once it realized this was the road to freedom, the bear hightailed it out of there!

The bear appears to be unharmed from the incident. However, reports note that the Honda CRV wasn’t nearly as lucky. Just another reminder that even in the wilderness it’s important to leave your vehicles locked!