NOAA Hurricane Hunter Plane Flies Through the Eye of Hurricane Ian: WATCH

by Sean Griffin
(Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

As Hurricane Ian approaches mainland Florida, the NOAA Hurricane Hunter plane flew through the eye of Hurricane Ian in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday.

The NOAA Aircraft Operations Center posted a video of the Hurricane Hunter breaking through into the eye of the hurricane. This plane depicted here is nicknamed “Kermit.”

“OVER THE CARIBBEAN- @NOAA WP-3D Orion ‘Kermit’ #NOAA42 flies into the eye of Hurricane #Ian,” the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center wrote in their post on Twitter.

In the footage, aviators press through the hurricane for a while before the plane breaks into the eye of the hurricane. The camera pans toward the side window, where you clearly see a break in the storm’s action that looks quite serene.

Plenty of users took to Twitter to react to the cool video.

“What an awesome job,” one person wrote.

“Good job Kermit!! Thank you,” another said.

One person wanted to thank the team for their dangerous missions. “You all do not get enough credit flying into these powerful storms!” they wrote. “Thank you for doing these jobs to keep everyone on the ground safe.”

Another user agreed, writing back in response: “They really are super hero’s ! They save millions of lives. I absolutely agree!”

Hurricane Ian Knocked Out Cuba’s Entire Power Grid

Hurricane Ian knocked out power in all of Cuba on Tuesday. The hurricane barraged the western tip of the island and destroyed many of the country’s most important tobacco farms, according to an AP report.

Cuba’s Electric Union reported that they were currently working to restore power to the country’s eleven million residents during the night. However, they said the process would be gradual. Initially, about one million people experienced outages in the western provinces. Then, the entire grid collapsed shortly after.

Cuba has already been plagued by power outages in recent months. Moreover, Hurricane Ian hit Cuba during a financial crisis in the country. The hurricane measured as a Category 3 when it made contact. The Pinar del Río province, where the iconic Cuban cigar’s tobacco is mainly grown, suffered catastrophic damages.

Tens of thousands evacuated the area before Ian’s landfall. The storm caused massive flooding and damage to houses and trees. However, while the damage was massive, there still hasn’t been a reported loss of life.

The winds of the storms harmed a crucial tobacco farm in La Robaina.

“It was apocalyptic, a real disaster,” said Hirochi Robaina, owner of the farm that bears his name. His grandfather started the company and grew it into an international success.

Robaina posted photos on social media of the devastation: roofs collapsed and broken, cars and wagons overturned, buildings now rubble.

State media said Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel visited the most affected area.