North Carolina Bridge Collapses on Live TV, News Crew Narrowly Escapes

by Jon D. B.

Watch as this FOX 46 reporter narrowly escapes death live on television when the bridge collapses out from under her during a torrential flood.

Several members of a local North Carolina news crew find themselves lucky to be alive today. Amid historic flooding in the state, NC’s Alexander County is suffering some of the worst damage they’ve seen. Coastal storms are bringing pounding rain and unprecedented flooding to the area currently, and FOX 46 is live on the scene.

The footage starts out scary enough. Reporter Amber Roberts and her cameraman (who remains unnamed), are standing on Hiddenite Bridge in Alexander Co. Beneath them, stormwater is seen raging through the town as it tears away at everything in its path.

Suddenly, a large portion of the bridge collapses beneath their feet, with Amber and the cameraman stepping back literally as the ground beneath their feet perishes. If they would have been one footstep forward – chances are neither would be alive today.

Watch: Reporter Escapes Bridge Collapse

The danger is clear in Roberts’ apropos reaction, as well. She screams in reactionary terror as ten feet of the bridge disappears beneath her. In addition, a bystander crossing the bridge narrowly escapes death. The man then takes off running in the opposite direction as more of the bridge shakes.

“CLOSE CALL! A bridge in Alexander County collapsed live on-air,” Roberts’ news channel FOX 46 reports. “Flooding rains have brought dangerous conditions across the western Carolinas. Please stay safe, everyone!”

The area is drowning in water. As a result, rescue crews are still struggling to enter areas where people need help. Bridge collapses like this, too, are only making the work harder.

The stormfront comes after the most active hurricane season in recorded history. 2020 has been absolutely brutal and doesn’t seem to be letting up for anyone just yet.

We wish everyone in North Carolina a safe and speedy recovery from these storms.

[H/T FOX 46]