North Carolina Man Fatally Shot While Duck Hunting

by Madison Miller

A man is dead after a duck hunting incident in North Carolina.

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Brandon Marshall from Engelhard was shot and killed while duck hunting in Hyde County.

The incident was around 2:30 p.m. on Monday. Law enforcement officials said that Marshall was shot by another member of his group. The incident is still under investigation as of now.

When Marshall was shot, the group immediately called 911. They did everything they could to help stop the bleeding before EMS arrived on the scene.

The age of the man was not disclosed and authorities do not believe there was any foul play at hand.

Updates will come soon regarding the case.

Other Duck Hunting Incidents

As most states are currently in some portion of their duck hunting season, safety is a huge priority. Hunting should always be accompanied by the correct safety measures. This should include things like bright orange while out in the field and understanding key gun safety rules.

For duck hunting it is especially important. Gun up when not shooting! This can lead to ringing in the ears or being sprayed by a shot in the marsh if the shot is not safe. The shots for duck hunting should be 10 to 2 o’clock as well as overhead. But always make sure there is no one behind or in front when you go to shoot!

It is especially popular to go duck hunting on a boat. This year there have been many incidents that have occurred while out on the duck boat.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, two Minnesota hunters learned how dangerous duck hunting can be this season. On Oct. 11, a duck hunter fell off his boat in Bowstring Lake in Itasca County.

His boat suddenly capsized as he reached for a duck he shot, leaving him in 55-degree water for nearly 20 minutes.

He got treatment for hypothermia. However, wearing his life jacket was really a life or death decision.

Another incident was on Oct. 3 in Rice Lake in Crow Wing County. A duck hunter fell into the water while hunting. He had on a life jacket and clung to the nearby boat for support. He also screamed for help for more than two hours. All of these choices helped him stay alive.

Luckily, conservation officers reached him right as he was struggling to keep his head above water. His survival skills, as well as others noticing and calling for help, made the difference between life and death.

H/T: CBS 17