North Carolina Woman Unleashes Her ‘Teacher Voice’ to Scare Bear Off of Her Porch

by Amy Myers

This bear knew it was in trouble when a North Carolina woman used her “teacher voice” on it as it scaled across her porch railing. Sources say the bear is scrolling “I will not steal birdfeeders” over and over on a chalkboard.

Former high school teacher Debbie Tomlinson (we feel inclined to call her Mrs. Tomlinson in this case), pulled out her ruler when she spotted a nursing sow climb her railing while her cub waited down below.

A wildlife enthusiast, Mrs. Tomlinson often invites much smaller animals to her condo’s deck in Sapphire, North Carolina.

“I’m a bird-watcher, so I have feeders out, but I always bring them in at night because of the bears,” she told WYFF4

This is incredibly important for North Carolina natives. Practically the entire state is in bear country, and even if you live in the suburbs, you need to be extra cautious of what food and attractants you have around your home. Knowing that even birdfeeders can attract local, foraging sows and cubs, Mrs. Tomlinson knew not to leave seed on her porch unattended.

Last week, though, the former teacher decided to wait a little later to bring in the birdfeeders, and sure enough, a much larger seed-eater appeared on her porch.

Watch what happens next.

When Mr. Tomlinson informed his wife of the furry visitor outside the door, she instantly knew to start recording. At first, she tapped on the glass, but the bear didn’t seem to care one bit.

“That was not OK,” she said at first.

‘How Dare You?’ Teacher Says to Bear as It Flees Her Porch

Still, the bear carried on with its thievery. So, Mrs. Tomlinson harkened back to her days in front of a classroom.

“Get down from there! Get down from there right now. Go, go, go, go!” she fearlessly commanded as she swung open the door. “You get down from my porch right now.” 

Mrs. Tomlinson marched forward towards the giant animal, and surprisingly, the bear quickly exited the way it came, bowing its head in almost a shameful fashion.

“What do you think you’re doing on my porch?” the former teacher continued. “Get down. Go.”

Once the bear reached the ground, she kept watch, shouting, “How dare you?”

Finally, the bear got the message that it wouldn’t be foraging for anything in this neighborhood and slunk back into the brush towards its cub.

Following the hilarious and admirable incident, Mrs. Tomlinson shared that she had no doubt her teacher voice would work.

“Well, of course I used it [the teacher voice],” she told WYFF.  “It works every time. I wasn’t afraid. I just didn’t want to lose my feeders. It was very exciting.”