Officials Investigating After Dead Bull Shark Found ‘Defiled’ Wearing Sunglasses on Florida Beach

by Amy Myers

Yesterday, a Fort Myers beachgoer posted a clip of a disturbing find underneath the overpass bridge, roughly 140 miles northwest of Miami. On the sand, he found a deceased bull shark in a shroud of flies, staged beside a blanket and bag of food with sunglasses over its eyes and graffiti along its body.

If it had been a stuffed animal, the joke might have hit. But because the unknown culprit “defiled” the aquatic predator by leaving their mark on its body and making light of its death, netizens are up in arms over the incident.

The circumstances of the bull shark’s death aren’t quite clear, and it’s hard to say whether the vandals were at fault. However, it’s pretty apparent that the predator was missing one of its fins.

While filming the incident, the TikToker behind the camera, known as @alwayzfishing, said, “Seriously? Look at this. Who thought this was even funny?”

The TikToker seemed to be certain that the folks responsible for the scene not only killed the bull shark but left an additional mess in their wake with supplies and trash still there.

“I don’t know who you are, but if you ever see this video, I want you to know you’re a piece of sh—,” he added. “Trust me, everyone agrees with me.”

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TikTokers Share Mixed Reactions to Shark Video

Unfortunately, though, when the TikToker initially posted the bull shark video, quite a few folks found the situation comical. Because of this, the user actually took down the clip for a bit because he “was getting so many comments of people thinking it was funny and it was getting to me.”

Now that the video’s back up, fellow shark-sympathizers agreed that the incident was, at the very least, an unnecessary act.

“Yeah it’s mind blowing how cruel people can be. Most of em are probably just trolls that don’t deserve the attention,” one viewer wrote.

Another viewer even noted that this isn’t the first shark death to happen under that same bridge lately.

Florida FWC Now Searching for Individuals Responsible for Staging Bull Shark

Since the incident, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has become aware of the bull shark and is now collecting evidence in order to find the persons responsible.

Agency spokeswoman Melissa Smith stated that bull sharks are a “regulated species.” In accordance with Florida regulations, anglers can catch one per person or two per vessel each day. Exceeding this limit results in a second-degree misdemeanor and can amount to a fine of $1,000 or up to two months in jail.

“The (Florida FWC) takes potential resource violations very seriously and encourages the public to report them by calling the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922,” Smith said.