Ohio Hunter Finds Enormous 233-Inch Deadhead Monster Buck

by Halle Ames

After years, one Ohio hunter finds the rank of a massive 233-inch deadhead buck that he had been hunting for, named Herman.

Jason Kline is not an amateur when it comes to hunting. However, ever since he laid his eyes on a massive buck he named Herman five years ago, he has been trying to claim him as his own.

Recently, Kline wasn’t able to kill the huge buck, but he was able to find a present Herman left behind. The hunter stumbles upon the buck’s 233 ⅞-inch rack.

According to Outdoor Life, the deer was around eight years old in the fall of 2020. Kline reports hunting the prized animal since it was four or five when it was only an eight pointer. The Ohio hunter also said that it had a mostly typical rack when he first saw the buck, but with age, it changed into a giant.

The Hunt for the Massive Buck

The issue arose when it came to areas Kline could hunt. Herman frequently spends his time on a farmer’s property that doesn’t allow hunting. Kline has just a seven-acre spot to try his luck, but in December of 2019, it seemed to work out. Herman came trotting onto the property, where Kline was happily waiting.

“I hunt a little patch amid the several hundred acres,” Kline says. “Last year, during gun season, I had him in gun range at about 80 yards. I just couldn’t get a good shot at him, and to be perfectly honest, he was standing right on the property line. I couldn’t tell if he was on my side of the property line or the neighbors. The fence is broken down right there, and I couldn’t see it from where I was.”

The ethical hunter had to swallow his pride and let Herman walk out of sight. It was the only time Kline would see him from a deer stand.

When the buck started showing up less frequently on the trail cameras, Kline grew concerned.

“I wasn’t really getting many pictures of him, though, and my only good chance to kill this deer was during the rut,” Kline says. “That’s the time I’d [historically] get the most pictures of him.”

Missing Herman

In October, Herman vanished completely. Kline decided to focus his efforts on another buck that wasn’t as big but more attainable.

“I ended up shooting the 162-inch deer,” Kline says. “I debated. It was hard. It worked out, though. I think Herman was already dead by the time I killed mine.”

Kline hasn’t heard about anyone else killing the sizable buck and knew word would spread like wildfire if someone did. The hunter has a feeling Herman had met a graceful end on the sanctuary property.

“The farmer/landowner doesn’t let anybody deer hunt, but he allows me to go shed hunt,” Kline says. “So, just from knowing the property, I thought that there would be one particular place where a big deer might go to die. It’s a thick, secluded creek bottom.”

On January 24, Jason Kline walked to the area in mind and found the bucks skeleton within minutes. Herman was only 50 yards from the property line when he met his demise.

“He was laying right where I thought he would be, which is kind of crazy,” Kline says. “When I found him, I didn’t know what to think. But now that I actually have him at home, it’s crazy. He’s so much bigger in person. I’m sad that he died and wasn’t killed by someone, but I am glad to have him.”

Kline called the game warden to check everything out before he took home his beloved buck that the farmer graciously let him keep. Herman and his 233 ⅞- inch rack now reside on Kline’s wall.

Not the end that the hunter hoped for, but still a decent story for the trophy wall.