Ohio Woman Claims She Captured Footage of Bigfoot Howling in the Woods Near Her Home

by Emily Morgan

One woman’s recent encounter with Sasquatch has us wondering if it was actually Bigfoot or a big fake.

Recently, an Ohio woman claimed that the creature returned to her neck of the woods near her home, based on an audio recording she heard. Suzanne Ferencak, who’s a bigfoot hunter in her spare time, recently shared with local journalists that she recorded howling in her nearly decade-long tenure as a sasquatch specialist.

An analyst described the two-minute recording as having “high potential” of carrying the sounds of one Bigfoot attempting to contact another one, the News Journal reported.

“The first howler has a brassy tone to its voice that can be indicative” of Sasquatch, she said

She added: “There are a couple [of] features in the execution, such as shifting to an ‘AA’ phoneme at the end of the call that are indicative as well, most noticeable in the last two howls.” However, other wildlife experts are somewhat skeptical of the sounds, according to a USA Today report. 

Employees at nearby Mohican State Park theorized that the sounds could’ve come from a male coyote calling back its pack. The Bigfoot enthusiast first spotted the creature in May of 2013 when it reportedly leaped over a back road southeast of her hometown of Loudonville, Ohio.

Ferencak told reporters that her rural home is prime real estate for Bigfoot and, over the past few years, she’s experienced knocks and howls around her house and other sightings. However, the Bigfoot activity had since died down some.

Despite this, Ferencak purchased an audio recorder for her backyard as a way to keep eyes on any Bigfoot activity. “If I’m out, I always have a recorder going,” she told a local news outlet. “I’ve been doing this for nine years.”

Man murders his friend as a result of his Bigfoot fear

On July 3, Ferencak got her wish. On that day, she caught the loudest howls she’s heard this year. She suspects that the sounds came from a young or female Bigfoot calling out to her babies.

Filmmakers documented Ferencak’s previous encounters in 2017 in the film The Back 80.

As a member of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, she’s excited to continue spreading awareness about the mysterious monster.

In another Bigfoot-related story, Larry Sanders and Jimmy Knighten were noodling last month when the two got into an altercation. When it was all said and done, Sanders drowned Knighten.

The state’s Bureau of Investigation later arrested Sanders on a murder charge. During his confession, Sanders claimed that his fear of Bigfoot led him to murder his friend.

According to reports, Sanders was under the impression that his fishing buddy would lure a sasquatch to their location. He was afraid he would leave him there to be eaten by the tall-tale animal.

His fear of being murdered by Bigfoot led him to kill Knighten in a twisted form of self-defense.