Overjoyed Beaver Builds Dam Indoors at Massachusetts Wildlife Rescue: VIDEO

by Suzanne Halliburton
Allison Shelley/Getty Images

Sometimes a girl just needs a little space to herself. We’re thinking that’s why a baby beaver named Nibi recently tried a DIY project at a Massachusetts-based animal rescue.

Nibi is a wild beaver who lives at the Newhouse Wildlife Rescue in Chelmsford, Mass. She’s five months old and is now a viral sensation. Earlier this month, the rescue assigned a roommate for Nibi. That’s why Ziibi, another female wild beaver, moved in. The two first fought all the time. But then they got used to each other and it’s kind of been all cool at the rescue. But sometimes Nibi can be a pain.

However, the rescue staff rewarded Nibi with some private time in the rehab room, while Ziibi got to play in the water area. And that’s when Nibi went to work. She located enough sticks to start the makings of a beaver wall. The rescue documented Nibi’s work for their Facebook page.

“Nibi immediately started building a dam at the door where her roommate exited,” the post said. “You know…in case Ziibi tries to come back inside.”

Take a look at the video. And notice how excited Nibi is at building the dam. It’s a guaranteed smile.

Rescue Founder Says Beaver Will Start Building When She Hears Water

Jane Newhouse, who founded the rescue, told CNN she’s received so many questions from biologists about Nibi’s hop. It’s one of her special talents. As for the dam building, Newhouse said it’s a beaver trait. “It’s so ingrained in them, they’ll take anything (and build a wall).” The sound of water also excites Nibi. She’ll start trying to build.

Nibi and Ziibi still do have issues. Newhouse thinks that Ziibi just wants to irritate her roommate.

The Newhouse Wildlife Rescue has all sorts of animals living there, from beavers to possums to porcupines. According to its web site, the center “provides rehabilitation services to injured and orphaned wildlife. These animals are given more than just a place to rest and recover. They have regular visits from a veterinarian, custom built cages to suite their individual needs, high quality meals and special training to give them the skills they will need in their transition back into the wild.”

In another Facebook post, rescue workers said they wanted to bring attention to beavers and their dam building. The post said: “as adorable as it is to watch a baby beaver learning to build a dam, I can’t help but think that this is the exact behavior that gets them in trouble with humans. Thousands of beavers are killed every year due to the trouble their dams cause in people’s lives.”

Nibi is evolving into the center’s cover girl. After all, more than 3 million people have giggled through her hop and dam building video.