Phone-Toting Tourists Stop Traffic on Yellowstone Road to Snap Photos of Bear Family: VIDEO

by Amy Myers

Honestly, it’s much more hazardous to run into tourists like these than it is any large animal at Yellowstone National Park. Continuing an all-too-common trend, a group of tourists decided to stop traffic and leave their common sense in their cars as they gathered to take photos of a bear family crossing the road.

It seems to be an almost daily occurrence at Yellowstone, and all of our national parks, for that matter. Visitors trade their and the animal’s safety for a chance to get a few hundred likes on Instagram or TikTok. With their phones raised, they wander dangerously close to the bear, deer, moose or bison, seeming to forget that these creatures can kill them with just one swift charge.

Still, these Yellowstone tourists didn’t seem to mind the risk as they blocked the road to the national park as a mama bear led her quickly growing cubs across the asphalt. Luckily for these foolish humans, the sow kept moving forward and didn’t feel the need to take any defensive measures.

Take a look.

@baileyyybritton Still one of the best moments of this trip 😍🌲🏔 #wildlife #yellowstone #tetons #nationalpark #399 #grizzly #roadtrip ♬ Paradise – Ikson

Not surprisingly, the TikToker that posted the video was completely unaware of the dangers of their behavior.

“Still one of the best moments of this trip,” they innocently captioned the clip.

Well, fellow park enthusiasts let them know just how downright dumb the gathering was.

“WTH?? Get in your cars!!” one popular comment read.

“People are way too close,” agreed another.

They have no clue how fast that bear can run,” said a third. And many others wrote similar messages detailing what would happen to the humans and bears if the situation had escalated.

Turns out, the ones that understand Yellowstone animal safety are also the ones that don’t post any videos.

The Yellowstone Bear Family Could Be 399 and Her Cubs

Yellowstone National Park has had something of a celebrity the past few years. Researchers and visitors know the famous furry creature as 399 and her babies. Since they awoke this spring, biologists have been tracking the family of five (a pretty sizeable litter for grizzlies) and have been taking note of their movements and behaviors. A few times, the family has wandered too close to the neighborhoods surrounding Yellowstone National Park, and rangers have had to coax them back into the wilderness.

Their main concern was that the bear sow would teach her cubs dangerous habits, relying on human-based sources of food like garbage cans and bird feeders.

Unfortunately, this is how 399 lost one of her cubs a couple of weeks ago. Officials had to euthanize one of the four bear cubs when it wandered near Cora in Kendall Valley south of Jackson Hole and Grand Teton. According to the report, the “subadult” had managed to get into two different conflicts, demonstrating problematic behavior each time.

As a result, wildlife officials made the incredibly difficult decision to put the bear down.