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PHOTO: Bears Climb Huge Pine Tree, Looking Like Christmas Ornaments in Hilarious Pic

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Javier Fernandez Sanchez/Getty Images)

This hilarious photo of three bears in a tree looking like Christmas ornaments comes all the way from Transylvania, where a bear-watching group posted the pic on Facebook. Last week, the group shared the photo of the brown bears, which had climbed a towering pine tree and poked their faces out of the branches. They definitely resemble cute little ornaments, at least from that distance.

“Pine ornaments for sale,” the group, Bear Watching in Transylvania, wrote on Facebook. Avid bear fans commented on the photo, such as one user who wrote in Hungarian, “How cute they are! Such a rare moment!”

Another bear-watching group that frequently posts the Katmai National Park brown bears reposted the photo to their page. This prompted more comments from animal-watchers. “Don’t forget the tinsel,” one person wrote, while another replied, “Best decorations ever.”

New Jersey Bear Hunt Halted Days Before Opener by Anti-Hunting Groups

Various anti-hunting groups in New Jersey successfully delayed bear hunting season, to the disappointment of bear hunters all over the state. Hunting in New Jersey has been a controversial topic in the past few years, such as in 2018 when Governor Phil Murphy banned bear hunting. He then went back on his decision last month, and stated that hunting could begin as early as Dec. 5.

“I feel awful,” Murphy said when he appeared at a local radio station. “But I can’t violate what are obvious facts that are potentially undermining public safety, particularly among kids. I just can’t in good conscience go on in this direction.” 

Anti-hunting groups like the Animal Protection League of New Jersey, the Humane Society of the United States, and Friends of the Animals immediately took action after this decision. They sued the state of New Jersey in an effort to stop the hunt.

New Jersey Officials Split On What the Hunt is For: Trophies, or Public Safety?

Former New Jersey legislator Raymond Lezniak, who is in support of the anti-hunting groups, said that in New Jersey, hunting bear is “nothing but a trophy hunt…a glamor thing.” The groups managed to successfully halt the hunt on Nov. 30, and Todd Adkins, vice president of government affairs for Sportsmen’s Alliance, shared his disappointment and frustration with the decision.

“Clearly, this is a delaying tactic that will impact the bear hunt and the undeniable need to control exploding bear conflicts. This is, and has been, a matter of public safety,” he said in a press release. “Governor Murphy obviously has the power to protect the public, but animal extremists are only interested in government action that serves their purposes.”

There are some who believe that without management, New Jersey’s bear population will grow out of control. Although, there are also those who claim that the population in New Jersey has not been properly counted.