PHOTO: Bison Stands Out From the Herd With Unique Front-Facing Horns

by Sean Griffin

In this insane photo posted on Twitter, a group of bison walk down a path. Not all that interesting, right? However, once you look more closely, you’ll see the huge bison at the front of the pack owns a unique feature. His horns, instead of facing upward like most bison’s, face frontward.

The Twitter post links to the original Reddit post where the photo was posted. Reddit users quickly commented their thoughts about the bison.

One user wrote: “I wonder if that’s natural mutation or a hybrid with a domestic cattle…” Another user quickly replied, explaining that longhorn cattle are known to roam the area, as well, so their theory could hold weight.

“I wonder if the other buffalo are jealous because that kicks a**,” one user commented.

“I wonder if it’s dangerous for it to spar?” one user wondered. “If it bows its head down the horns won’t really do their jobs, but if it holds it head like this it seems like a great way to break a neck or something. Huh.”

Regardless, we know one thing about this bison and its front-facing horns. It looks really cool.

Tourists Capture Video of Bison Stampeding Down Road

Yellowstone National Park is known for its wide variety of animals, and perhaps is most famous for its bison. However, the tourists of the park are also known for their ill-advised antics.

In this viral video on YouTube, a huge stampede of bison rockets down a road alongside a line of tourists in their cars. The tourists filming this video lean out their car window and film the trampling herd pass by. A few times in the clip, the tourists back away and remark how close the bison get to butting their car. Fortunately, the car—and passengers—survived the incident unscathed.

Bison of all shapes and sizes = parade down the road in this incredible footage.

However, the page provided a description of the video. “They stink? In Yellowstone National Park, the bison herd was meandering slowly down the road when they hit a bottleneck created by the waiting vehicles. Two dominant bulls began to fight at that location. (It is mating season after all.) The brief fight turned the herd around and got them running. Video courtesy of James Holt.”

The organization that posted the video, the Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) is the only group working both in the field and in the policy arenas to stop the harassment and slaughter of America’s last wild buffalo. 

According to their website, their primary goal is to create permanent year-round protection for bison and the ecosystem they depend on, “including respect for the migratory needs of this long-exploited and clearly endangered species.”