PHOTO: Chicken Lays ‘One-in-a-Billion’ Perfectly Round Egg

by Alex Falls

An “egg-xtraordinary” discovery was made by a family in England this week. A mother in West Oxfordshire was stunned when she checked her chicken coop one morning and found a rare occurrence. A perfectly round chicken egg.

Annabel Mulcahy told Oxfordshire Live that she’s kept chickens on her property for more than 20 years. She said her family has taken more interest in the animals now that her kids have become old enough. Her daughter named the now famous chicken Twinskie.

Mulcahy said they were absolutely floored when they made the discovery over the weekend. “On Saturday morning, I opened the nesting box and it was there, a perfect circle,” Mulcahy said. “I was Googling it and was quoted that it’s a one in a billion. It’s really weird, I had to a double take. I can roll it on the table like a marble.”

Now that they’ve found the extraordinary egg, the question remains of what to do with it. It would be a waste to crack this egg for an omelet. Instead, Mulcahy is looking to sell the egg on eBay. She hopes to use the proceeds from the sale to rescue more chickens.

“I’ve put the egg for sale on eBay, some have gone for prices like £480 in the past,” Mulcahy said. “What I get will go towards getting an extra run so I can rescue more chickens. I’ve got nine at the moment, but three are being rehomed at a farm. I want to raise £100 for an extension to the run… They’re so friendly. If I’m in the garden, they’ll come and sunbathe at your feet. Twinskie has the nickname Labrador because she’ll follow you round.”

More Viral Birds

It’s been some week for birds going viral with wild stories. Just earlier today, wildlife photographer Stephanie Faust was in the right place at the right time when she captured a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Her viral picture showed an osprey capturing a major catch from the water. The majestic bird flew away with a dogfish shark.

“It was pure luck,” Faust said. “In the many years I’ve been chasing osprey, I’ve never captured a shark and osprey. But it was low tide, so there were sand bars out there, and I think [the bird] was able to snatch one up.”

A much more majestic example of a humble bird going viral. However, the shot was just as amazing to witness. Faust loves using her photography to transport people into the coastal life she surrounds herself with.

“I can’t help but tell the story that led up to the picture,” said Faust. “My stories have touched so many people. Honest to goodness, when I meet people, they almost want to shed a tear because they remember some exact pictures and stories that I’ve shared.”