PHOTO: Coyote Sneaks Into Family Bathroom Unnoticed, Gets Discovered Hiding Behind Toilet

by Sean Griffin

A coyote snuck into a family’s house as they were packing their cars for an upcoming trip. The coyote slunk into the first-floor bathroom and stayed in the bathroom overnight.

A family in Trenton, Ohio, which is located about 40 miles outside of Cincinnati, found the coyote hours later.

Apparently, family members in the house used that bathroom during the night while the coyote was in the home. However, eventually, one of the family members saw the creature while they were in the bathroom.

Obviously, they panicked, and the family immediately called the police around 5 am on Friday, September 9th. According to the Trenton Police Department, they were unsure what animal it was at first because the owner didn’t want to get too close to the animal.

The coyote basically camouflaged itself against the tan tiles and beige-colored walls of the house.

A picture of the coyote is available here. The animal’s ear is visible behind the toilet.

“Officers (were) able to safely remove the coyote and release him back to nature unharmed,” police said in a statement. A second photo shows the coyote out in the grass with its teeth snarled.

“As a reminder, our city is surrounded by rural/agricultural areas that these animals call home,” police said. “Please keep small pets and animals in mind during the evening hours, and please report any suspicious activity to our office.”

This Time, Not a Coyote But a Bear Sneaks into Home

A police body camera video shows a black bear leaving a home in Simi Valley, California. The bear had snuck into the home while the owners were there, scaring them and leaving them with an incredibly memorable story. The bear stumbled in the home most likely in search of food before the hibernation season.

The homeowner and her son were reportedly watching television inside the home when they heard a noise. The woman checked out the noise, and when she walked into the kitchen, she was in for the surprise of a lifetime. A huge bear stood in her kitchen.

“It looked like somebody in a bear costume,” the woman said.

Police eventually arrived on the scene and attempted to remove the bear. The animal must’ve gotten the hint though, because as the officer makes his way through the house, the bear is nowhere to be found.

However, once the officer makes his way outside, the bear can be seen darting off the patio and up a tree. The bear hops a fence and scurries off, ending the entire ordeal for the shocked family.

Luckily, no one was harmed in the incident; however, the family may need to do some new cabinet-work, as the bear scratched the wood in the kitchen.