PHOTO: Firefighters Save Cow With Its Head Stuck in a Tree

by Megan Molseed

The puns are endless on this one. One Winchester cow was getting quite “moo”dy it seems. This happened when the cow was unable to re”moo”ve its head after getting stuck in a tree. And, as the firefighters who rescued the trapped bovine said afterward, the entire situation was “udderly” ridiculous.

Firefighters Spend Hours Helping A Bovine Who Found Itself In A Tight Spot

The unlucky cow got its head stuck in a willow tree while grazing on the Chilbolton Common in Hampshire England later last week. Rescue services were finally called to help the trapped bovine around 7:40 pm on Wednesday evening. The responders called to the scene worked with animal rescuers cutting the willow tree in order to free the trapped animal. The rescue took nearly three hours in total. Take a look at some of the pics here.

The fire services animal rescue tactical advisor, Mark Compton notes that the crews first aimed to release the trapped animal by enlarging the hole in which the cow was stuck. Because they had no desire to “milk” the situation…

“The animal rescue crew from Winchester worked to release the cow by enlarging the hole,” notes Compton. “And manipulating the animal’s head until it was free from the tree.” It’s still unclear what it was that drew the cow into the unusual situation in the first place.

A Wayward Cow Creates A ‘Moo’ving Hazard Giving Officers On An Alabama Highway Chase

Recently, travelers along Alabama’s Interstate 65 outside of Cullman had quite a sight as a wayward cow ran away from officials as it fled along a highway median. A video taken of the incident shows the cow as it darts along the grassy median. Running from the animal control truck that follows close behind.

For some, it was a hilariously rural sight as the cow bounced along the Interstate median. One viewer quips that the Alabama police officers and animal control units likely enjoyed the change of pace this wandering cow brought to their week.

“This definitely made my day,” the commenter says. “Bet it was a refreshing run for these cops.”

However, others weren’t so quick to see this as a funny moment noting instead that they felt sorry for the meandering animal. “Poor cow was probably terrified,” one observer notes.

Thankfully, in the end, the vehicles hoping to coral the wayward bovine eventually did. Transferring the animal to a local pasture.