PHOTO: Fishermen Catch Rare Blue Lobster in Maine, Will Keep it in Restaurant Tank

by Sean Griffin

Blue lobsters are incredibly rare. Obviously, as noted by the popular restaurant chain Red Lobster, their primary color is red.

This past weekend, on Thursday, a father and son fishing duo caught an extremely rare blue lobster. It’s noted that the chances of the catch are incredibly slim. The family now proudly displays the crustacean in a tank at their family restaurant. They plan to release the lobster back into the wild within a week or so.

Mark Rand and his son Luke caught the remarkable bright blue crustacean Thursday near Peaks Island in Casco Bay. The pair spoke to The Portland Press Herald about the one-in-two-million catch.

“We’ve never pulled one this color or even seen one to throw back,” Luke Rand, 36, who has been fishing for two decades, told the outlet.

However, unlike all the other lobsters they caught, this one won’t be served up with butter anytime soon. Since blue lobsters are so rare, they are normally displayed rather than eaten. That’s the case with our blue crustacean here.

Blue Lobster To Be Kept In Tank Before Being Released Back Into Wild

The crustacean named “Lucky Bluey” will be held in a tank at Becky’s Dinner in Portland. Rand’s mother owns the diner, employees said Monday.

“Yup, it’s here in a tank,” a worker said when asked to verify.

“Lucky Bluey” stays in the tank for about another week. Then, it will be released back into the wild. Owner Becky Rand was unavailable to comment on the matter, the employee said.

However, Luke Rand thinks the blue lobster will turn cause quite the scene at the restaurant. Their restaurant Becky’s Diner remains a popular destination for locals, including visiting celebrities and pop-stars. Guests include first lady Jill Biden, former President Bill Clinton and pop singer Taylor Swift, according to the Press Herald.

Rand, who is from Falmouth, Massachusetts, said tourists took photos of his catch while he and his father showed the lobster to their dealer on Custom House Wharf.

“It’s not something that you see every day,” Rand told the outlet.

The odds of catching a blue lobster are 1 in 2 million, according to the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute.

Most are greenish-brown, but their colors range from yellow, orange, white, multicolored and blue. The blue hue results from a genetic defect. This genetic defect causes the animal to produce excessive amounts of a particular protein, resulting in the blue color.

All bets are off regarding color once the lobsters are thrown into pots to be served up to diners. This is according to experts at the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute.

“A lobster of any color (except white) will turn red when you cook it,” the FAQ page says on the university’s website.