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PHOTO: Florida Man Finds Sleeping Bear on His Front Porch

by Amy Myers
Photo by Mark Leffingwell/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images

A Florida resident ended up with a living bear rug outside his front door when he found the creature taking a snooze on his front porch.

Chuck Robbins from Heathrow, Florida has seen plenty of bears wandering through his part of the Sunshine State but never has he been so close to one or seen one quite this large. Robbins estimated that the snoozing bear weighed around 375 pounds.

“It was amazing. I just walked out, and it was like right there in front of me and so close,” Robbins told Fox 35.

On the night that the Florida local found the bear, one of Robbins’ neighbors reported seeing the bear. Wanting to catch a photo, Robbins left his home to investigate, but he came back empty-handed. Hours later, after Robbins had gone to bed, his neighbor texted him to let him know that the elusive animal had found its way to his front yard.

He peered out the window, and sure enough, there was the bear, “laying down, rolling over” on his front porch. After the initial shock, Robbins admitted that he hoped that the bear was comfortable in its spot.

It’s not clear whether the Florida man contacted authorities about the sighting or if he let the bear finish resting before moving on.

Bear Breaks Into Elderly California Couple’s Home

In a separate incident, a “menace” bear in California barged its way into an elderly couple’s home, dragging bloody-and-muddy footprints all through the house. Thankfully, Marsha and Jim Beaty didn’t sustain any injuries from the incident, but they feared that the bear would continue to wreak havoc and maybe even harm one of the neighborhood children.

According to Jim Beaty, the animal appeared to be seven feet in height on its hind legs. To scare it back, Jim tried to appear larger.

“I was waving my hands and making myself big,” Jim Beaty told The Union Democrat.

Strangely, the couple reported being able to smell the animal wherever it went in the house.

“It was stinky last night, like a wet, musty dog,” Marsha Beaty explained. “We don’t know if the bear urinated back there or not.”

Local deputies appeared just 15 minutes after the Beatys called 911. George Harse, a human-wildlife conflict specialist and scientist for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, soon joined the scene to trap and transport the bear out of the area. Meanwhile, in order to keep the bear away from them, the couple closed the two doors between them and the animal. They kept their shoes and coats close by in case they needed to make a swift exit.

Even after all of the chaos, Marsha and Jim stressed that they didn’t want any harm to come to the creature.

“We want the bear trapped,” Marsha Beaty insisted. “Fish and Wildlife doesn’t have to kill it. We want the state to trap the bear and remove it from the subdivision.”