PHOTO: Huge Mako Shark Gets Bitten in Half By Even Bigger Shark

by Sean Griffin

A huge Mako shark got bitten in half by what must be an even bigger shark in this unbelievable photo.

The gory image was posted on Instagram by account NatureIsMetal, which focuses on sharing nature encounters at their most brutal.

In the image, the Mako lays in the water with a line attached to its mouth, which suggests an even bigger shark was circling it during the encounter.

In the caption, the account writes: “My guess is this was the result of the mako veering too close to an ever-hungry great white shark.” They continue, writing, “although a tiger shark could have caused a similar degree of carnage.”

Either way, the image serves as a stark reminder of the sheer force of these beasts of the sea.

Users flocked to the comment section to remark on the insane picture. One user joked: “it’s just a scratch, he’ll be fine.”

One user remarked about the inevitability of the food chain. “There’s always a bigger fish.” Even though the massive Mako depicted holds a size advantage over most, it still loses some battles.

However, this next video proves equally as shocking, although this encounter occurs between a shark and a beachgoer.

Man Wrestles Shark on a New York Beach

In this shocking video footage, a man wrestles with a shark on a New York beach amid a string of recent attacks.

Amid record-setting shark sightings and attacks in recent weeks around New York, this video went viral. Footage shows the man reeling in and wrestling a shark on the shore of a popular Long Island Beach. Some onlookers watched with delight, others with terror. But one thing’s for sure: everyone there was surprised by the scene.

The incident took place on Sunday at Smith Point Beach on Fire Island. Last month, not one but two horrifying shark attacks took place there.

The unidentified man stands ankle-deep in the tide before pulling a gray tail from the water and to the surface.

“Holy s–t,” a woman yells in the background. Beachgoers started crowding around the watch the scene up-close. The shark continually tries to release itself and dive back into the water, however, the man succeeds in dragging the predator on the sand.

One of the photos shown on a beachgoer’s Instagram Story depicts another person helping the man pull the massive predator out of the ocean.

The man’s actions attracted criticism on social media. One person wrote: Any reason why they pull that shark out of the water? Isn’t it [in its own] habitat?” Another said, “Kind of wish the shark had bit this guy. Leave the animals alone!”