PHOTO: Huge ‘Titanboa Skeleton’ Spotted on Google Earth During Low Tide

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Amy Toensing/Getty Images

What looked like a huge skeleton was found on Google Earth. A low tide revealed a giant “titanboa” skeleton, showing a terrifying huge snake.

The skeleton was found in France. A clip of the finding was posted to TikTok, and has wigged out millions of viewers.

“Hidden on Google Earth, users believe this to be a giant snake. It’s about 30 meters long and bigger than any snake caught before,” the voiceover said, showing the satellite images.

A ginormous skeleton can be seen in the low tide, and it is pretty stomach-churning.

Many assumed the skeleton was a titanboa, a prehistoric serpent. However, a win for those who fear snakes, the skeleton is actually an art installation. A 425-foot art installation, so still big, but not a real snake. The installation is  “Serpent d’océan” placed on the Saint-Brevin-les-Pins coast by Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping.

“Since June 2012, a huge snake, the work of the Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping, emerges on the beach of Mindin,” says French website Loire Valley. “Its skeleton appears with each tide, resembling an archaeological excavation and its movement makes it look alive. Don’t miss it!”

Kingsnake Climbing Wall Resembles ‘Snake’ Game

A video of a kingsnake climbing up a brick wall looked like the popular internet game “Snake.”

The video, shared to Twitter by NowThis, is captioned: “This is how a Sonoran mountain kingsnake climbs a brick wall — it almost looks eerily reminiscent of the OG video game, ‘Snake.’ The footage was taken by National Park Service staff at the Coronado National Memorial in Arizona.”

The game “Snake” features a snake that you need to help grow by moving along the page and eating fruit. Additionally, arrow keys are used to move the snake in sharp turns and corners, much like how the snake was moving in the video.

While the video was cool, it still freaked people out with how well it was climbing up the wall. It also seems that learning that snakes can climb walls from this video was a common experience among viewers.

Man Smuggles Reptiles in Terrifying Way

More nerve-racking than that, a man tried to smuggle snakes across the border from Canada in his pants. According to a press release, 36-year-old Calvin Bautista was riding on a bus across the border when customs found three Burmese pythons in his pants.

However, the case is well underway.

“The charge filed against Bautista carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000, and a term of supervised release of up to 3 years. A defendant’s sentence is imposed by a judge based on the particular statute the defendant is charged with violating, the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other factors,” the release reads. However, the case is well underway.