PHOTO: The Largest Eagle in the World, the Harpy Eagle, Is Absolutely Wild-Looking

by Sean Griffin

One Twitter account recently posted a few pictures of the world’s largest eagle, the Harpy eagle, and the pictures are absolutely wild.

The Harpy eagle is the largest and most powerful raptor in existence. The bird is normally found in South and Central America, although deforestation has displaced many of the population. It usually inhabits tropical lowland rainforests in the upper (emergent) canopy layer. 

In the pictures provided below, the huge eagle stares at the camera with its wild array of brown and white feathers. The beautiful bird is the national bird of Panama and can be seen on the country’s official coat of arms. Full-grown Harpy eagles reside at the top of their food chain.

The bird is most closely related to the crested eagle and the New Guinea harpy eagle.

One Twitter user commented that the bird was so massive that it appeared that “it’s sitting on its body.” The user added that they’d never go near the bird.

We can’t say we blame that person, although we love admiring these majestic creatures from afar.

While Not a Harpy Eagle, This Eagle Attacks Dog Until Another Dog Intervenes

In this viral video originally posted to TikTok, a huge eagle attacks a dog until another dog swipes in to rescue its canine companion.

The video, filmed on a Native American reservation in Alaska, has users called the encounter “unbelievable.”

The two dogs, who appear to be Corgis, tag-team wrestle the bird on a wet road. In the clip, the eagle digs its talons into the black dog, forcing the dog backward in retreat. Then, the eagle forces the dog over onto its back. A red dog runs into the frame and breaks up the fight. The eagle spreads its massive wingspan and caws, signaling the end of the fight. Both dogs walk away in opposite directions. The eagle looks back, seeing if the dogs will return, but they do not. Dramatic music plays in the background during the whole clip, which garnered over 150,000 favorites.

@coastal_907 #Eagle trying to take down a #RezDog. Pinned him by the throat! Little did he know Rez dogs have eachothers back. #Alaska ♬ original sound – Coastal

TikTok user @Coastal_907 captured the video from inside his home while looking out a sliding door.

“#Eagle trying to take down a #RezDog,” the user wrote in his caption. “Pinned him by the throat! Little did he know Rez dogs have eachothers back. #Alaska.”

Users quickly took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the confrontation. “Some people don’t realize how big eagles are,” one person wrote.

Another user seemed upset that the person filming didn’t run to the dogs’ rescue. “I’m sorry if that’s my dog im going to help idc how big or what it is,” one user wrote.