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PHOTO: Man Opens Drawer, Finds Huge Python

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Paul Starosta via Getty Images)

On Sunday, a man groggily rose from his bed, blinking into the early morning sun. He wandered over to his dresser to select an outfit for the day, opened the drawer, and sucked in a breath, suddenly wide awake. Looking down, he saw an 8-foot carpet python, the constrictor curled lazily among his shirt collection.

But – this man was Australian. So after the initial shock wore off, he simply gently gathered the massive snake from the drawer and allowed it to crawl up his arm. With the python securely attached, he wandered out into the warm spring air (Australia is in the southern hemisphere and has seasons opposite to the U.S.).

Selecting a safe spot in the woods, the man set his new friend free and headed back inside to share the tale on social media. “Woke up to a snake in my drawer,” Reddit user Aus_Scott wrote alongside the startling image of the python in his dresser.

Though the carpet python is the largest snake species found in certain areas of Australia, they’re among the least frightening. That said, you do have to watch out for your cats, toy-size dogs, and other small pets. Carpet snakes have been known to snatch a domestic animal or two when they wandered too far from their home.

Redditors Terrified by Wandering Carpet Python

Unsurprisingly, many users were in disbelief at the Australian’s nonchalant reaction to finding a python in his bedroom. “Listen, I’m sure Australia is beautiful and has lots to offer. BUT, if you keep showing me this sh-t, I’m not visiting,” a terrified user said. “I’ve seen lots of Australia things I could overlook but a snake in my drawer!! Nope!!” another agreed.

Aus_Scott, however, was adamant that a carpet python is nothing to fear. Not only are they non-venomous with no fangs but the specific species of constrictor is actually quite docile. “It was really friendly, he crawled along my arm and I let him go in the bush not too far away,” the Redditor told Newsweek.

Responding to terrified users, the Australian added that the snake was “super chill” and caused “no dramas.”

His fellow Australians came to his aid in the comments, reassuring others that Australia isn’t nearly the creepy crawly death trap that it seems. “For what it’s worth the number of deaths due to wildlife in Australia is similar to the US per capita,” one user said. “It’s just that Steve Irwin really publicized the bitey parts of our wildlife.”

“Carpet snakes are your friend,” another agreed. “They keep the nasty guys away and eat vermin. They’re also chill as anything. You have to be a right royal tw-t to get a carpet python to bite you. I’ve relocated close to a hundred and never even been struck at.”