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PHOTO: Monster 9-Foot Albino Boa Constrictor Caught in Florida Backyard

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images)

This gigantic albino boa constrictor was found in a South Florida backyard, and this thing is absolutely terrifying.

Husband and wife pair Rhett and Taylor Stanberry remove and relocate snakes in South Florida. They recently received a call from a homeowner who claimed they had seen a “huge python” in their backyard.

Eventually, the homeowner sent the pair pictures of a large white and yellow snake, slithering through the bushes in their yard.

“Well this is crazy,” Rhett Stanberry said in a Facebook post on Saturday. In his post, he describes the incredible encounter with the snake.

However, when they got there, they didn’t find a python: they found something else.

“When we get there, we are greeted by this huge albino boa constrictor!” Stanberry said.

Boa constrictors are large, non-venomous snakes normally found in tropical South America and parts of Central America. They’re often kept as exotic pets.

They are opportunistic, ambush hunters that kill their prey using a killing method of constriction. The snake wraps and coils itself around the prey, slowly squeezing the life from the animal with its powerful muscles. Once the animal is dead, it consumes it whole.

Boas have jaws lined with small, hooked teeth. These teeth help them grab and hold prey. In the wild, the snakes will eat almost anything they can catch. However, they normally eat small or medium-sized mammals and birds.

Massive Boa Constrictor Weighs Over Fifty Pounds

When the Stanberrys report being surprised by the sheer size of the snake upon their arrival to the property.

“That is the fattest boa constrictor I’ve ever seen,” Rhett Stanberry said in a YouTube video about the catch. “I almost didn’t even think it was real.”

He said the snake was likely a pet that either escaped from its owner’s home or was intentionally released.

In the Facebook post, Taylor Stanberry said the boa constrictor may have been out in the wild for some time. In that time, the snake would most likely eat rabbits and potentially cats.

The snake catchers eventually removed the boa from the property. Since the boa was so big, it couldn’t move very quickly. That made the catch go more smoothly.

The Stanberrys eventually weighed and measured the boat. They found that it measured 9.5 feet in length. It came in weighing 52.6 pounds: an absolutely massive boa constrictor.

“This is as big as they get,” Rhett Stanberry said in the video. “You’ll hear they get bigger, but it’s pretty rare. And this one is a color morph from the pet trade—she is absolutely stunning.”

The boa is being kept at the pair’s facility. They are currently building a “large and well-constructed” cage for the snake to ensure it doesn’t sneak off into the wild once more.